Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In which I update stuff and then immediately leave for a week

Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments and questions about Pickles Marie Tinydog.  She continues to gain a little weight (ounces, not pounds) and is beginning to look less bald now.  Her battle with kennel cough continues, and she still snorfs a lot; she has almost finished a course of antibiotics and is improving.  The Floofs have shown no sign of illness; despite sharing the waterbowl with an obviously snuffy dog for more than two weeks, they are both bouncy and healthy.

 Meanwhile, back at the Farm, Jim has been adding conduit to the barn so that we can have some electricity there during the winter.  It will be decidedly "ghetto" at first--not the barn wiring itself, but rather the very long, heavy-duty extension cord we will run from the house to the barn until we can afford to bring electricity to the site properly.  Proper electricity probably won't happen before winter, but our daylight is already beginning to fade day-by-day, so lights and power to a water tank heater have moved to the top of the priority list, even if it's a ghetto arrangement at first.
Meanwhile, I'm going riding.

I've packed up the trailer and the camper, and will be at the Elbe Hills Challenge Endurance Ride this weekend, followed by a few days extra camping with Sky on our Annual Adventure.  I'll take Fiddle and Pickles with me, and spend some time away from home...and hopefully, come back rested and refreshed.

Y'all take care.  And go ride your horses, won't you?