Tuesday, January 14, 2014

In which it's THAT time of year again: break out the spangles and ruffles!

What started as a joke has become a beloved tradition:

Duana's dress looks like a sequinned candy wrapper

Shopping for thrift shop prom dresses to wear to the PNER Convention.

We all go together.  We all try on everything.

Some frocks are quite glamourous.

Dory, looking splendid
Elegant Monica

Some, less so.

The yellow dress is just amazing, isn't it?
(it doesn't fit any of us--Monica and I are in back holding it up for the camera)

We got a 20% discount from the manager--but we don't know
if the discount is to reward us for being amusing on a dreary rainy day,
or to encourage us to LEAVE.

Just because we lack seriousness, doesn't mean we can't also lack fashion sense.

Back at Patty's house, more dresses

Laura and Duana almost look elegant...

As with all things undertaken by the Usual Suspects

....until you know the truth about Laura's shoes.

trying on silly dresses is fun.

See you at the PNER Convention!

You've got your tickets, right?