Sunday, July 13, 2014

In which we hide from the heat and mystify the neighbors just for fun

You can almost hear the neighbors thinking aloud when they look at our place on days like today:

There is no place to float a boat on Haiku Farm.
Not a lake, nor a stream, nor even a clear bit of marsh.

"Now what are they doing over there?"

Monica, dressed for warm weather
and searching for a church key

Well, friends, today was a day to celebrate Santa Jim. 

His birthday was the excuse.....but basically, we got together because we are fond of him.

He's hot stuff. And ladies: he's mine.

Usually our summer parties center around the fire pit, where we toast various stuff and huddle in for a little extra warmth.

But this week is apparently the week designates as "summer in the Swampland," and we are all suffering in temps above 85°f.

In our defense, summer temps here rarely top 80°, and air conditioning is limited to cars and shopping malls. Houses don't have AC, and most small shops and churches don't have AC.

Which means that for a week or so every third or fifth year, the locals swelter, whine, and try not to melt.

This week is that week, apparently.

We had a party anyhow.

But wait: the boat is filled with water?

Everyone was invited. 

We made a shade canopy attached to the barn so Fiddle and the goats could participate too.

Yes, yes.  But..the boat?

We discovered during a heat spell several years ago that cool water from our deep, deep well is incredibly refreshing. 

We could've gotten a kiddie pool for folks to dabble toes in...

If a boat can keep water out, it can also keep water in!

but the little boat HMS Grog was right there, practically begging for an invitation to the party.

Cool and refreshing on tired toes

And after a vigorous game of footie

The German soccer team should be worried about Connor:
he has mad footie skills!

everyone enjoyed a nice soak.

A wet Golden Retriever is a happy Golden Retriever

Happy Birthday, Santa Jim!

Happy Summer, everyone else!