In which a Virtual Trail Ride is proposed, and the "rules" explained

The Virtual Potluck was lovely, thanks to everyone who participated. I'm sure I gained less weight from your contributions than I did from the Actual Party at the farm this weekend.

Which leads me to a proposal:

Who would like to take a Virtual Trail Ride with me?

We can start at my place. Send me the names of the people you want to bring with you, and the names of the horses you will "bring." Descriptions are good: "you'll recognize my bright bay horse because I will braid daisies into her mane" or "I dress my old grey pony in pink-and-orange tack so the hunters won't shoot us accidently."

I live in the upper-left-hand corner of the United States--send me some information about your location, and we'll route the ride right past your house. I'm thinking that, since it's Virtual, we can easily visit dp and Jean in Canada, allhorsestuff in Oregon, Kate in Illinois, Funder in Ohio, Leah Fry and Mindy in Texas, and Lytha in Germany--all in the same week, and no Coggins certificate required!

As we pass through YOUR region, you'll want to share descriptions of your local trails, and the regional food we will be able to taste while "visiting." Calories are no problem, and you won't even need to provide Certified Weed-Free Hay for this event!

I'll start with my info:

I'll be riding Fiddle, my 7-year-old dark brown standardbred mare, who will be wearing her trademark purple biothane gear. She will need to be in the back of the line because her manners are sometimes very bad!

My sweetheart Jim will ride Hana, a bright red chestnut Arab (she wears green--perfect for a redhead),

and we'll put Jim's son Willy on my old standardbred mare Story

--who died in 2006, but who will never be forgotten-- she is PERFECT for a beginner on a virtual trail ride!

When the trail ride passes through my part of the Swampland, I'll take you up into the foothills trails east of our house.

The prevalent color here is GREEN--the trees, the plants, and even the water (that's algae, don't drink it).

Many of our trails are built over old logging roads, and you'll sometimes see logging equipment from the 1960's or earlier abandoned beside the trail. Our "stumps" are famous here--early settlers would have photos taken of a bunch of loggers inside the cut of an old-growth Douglass Fir tree.

Most of the trees are gone now, but the stumps remain (surrounded by large, younger trees), and the stumps still carry the "springboard marks" where loggers carved out a place to stand in order to cut down these gigantic trees.

We'll travel up high enough so we can admire the mountains around us and the lovely Puget Sound below us. On a Virtual Trail Ride, all the horses are fit and sound, and the riders never get tired, sore, cranky or sunburned!

Returning to Haiku Farm at the end of the day,

we will feast on pit-barbequed salmon and corn on the cob,

green beans fresh from the garden,

Jim's home-brewed brown ale,

and blackberry pie for desert.

Bring your raingear for this leg of the journey, because we can have unexpected precipitation even in the summer, calling forth the sounds of frogs to sing you and your horses to sleep at night.

Who else wants to play?


  1. We'd be glad to play - let me know how and when I should post - either on my blog or as comments on your blog!

  2. Yeah, me too. I'll chill the virtual Coronas.

  3. Oh, OOOH! I'll come!

    I'll be riding my dun overo four-year-old Kate, and maybe pony my black and white, Maddie, if she promises not to be naughty. Navy blue is our stable color, but mostly cause we wear jeans all the time.

    You can swing over here to the "east side" when you're all tired of the mud and slop on your side of the Cascades. Come right across Snoqualomie via the John Wayne Pioneer Trail and I'll meet you at the Ellensburg Rodeo arena ("The Greatest Show on Dirt!") Then we can climb up Ryegrass and look back at Mt. Rainier (WE don't have clouds to block the view!) Then down to the mighty Columbia. I know there's a way to get across the state to Spokane, then we can head east through the Rockies (I can also help a bit navigating in Idaho and Montana.)

    Let's GO!

  4. Oh, and you can overnight at my place. I'm death to any kind of garden (for people food), but I can offer nice pasture for the horses. And I do a mean bar-b-qued chicken.

  5. i wanna play - i mean, i already composed a virtual ride post, but i'm waiting for further instructions.


  6. Count the Wa mare~ and i back to paln later!

  7. Alrighty...
    Planning a Virtual-OREGON COAST ride.
    There will be plenty of trail partners to choose from...

    Wanting to stroll on the sand:
    Dainn the cute little bay
    Arabian,ridden in a rope halter with his Rider,
    Jeanette ~

    Carol ~
    will be riding the Leopard Appaloosa, MAX
    ..he is a solid,faithful,steed for calm as well.

    Nora ~
    will be on another Appaloosa, PANTZ. She is my sisters horse and if you want ot walk up and out..she is tough to keep up with unless you have a walker! Hands down this mare is built to walk fast!

    Alicia ~
    will be riding her Thoroughbred Vinnie..This Large Bay
    is new to the beach and is a bit high strung...and if you wish to race..he is off the track and knows what to do..he beat us in 4 stides..whooosh gone! My little Seabiscuit tired and tried to catch up...but to no avail!
    ( there WILL be a video of Wa- racing her shadow though..and coming in neck and neck!)

    Then there is Gemma, Our host~
    Tillamook Oregon.
    She is found on her large Chestnut Morgan,Romeo. He is an awesome trail horse that loves to lead or follow...and if you need to train some and school..he will be faithful for this will find me on Washashe mare..riding with him most likely! Sometimes, I may ride with Nora and Pantz.

    Julie ~
    will be on MADDY mare a Dunn.
    she is used to the beach now..yet still,timid about he surf waters coming under her feet.

    Terra ~
    will be there with Diesel. He is a rather large Chestnut paint gelding.

    I will be on my Thoroughbred
    Washashe mare, of course. I like to school as I go and will race on the way out..never the way home..and sometimes I will split off from the group,if my mare gets if anyone wants to ride with one is me to go with. We know that trails in the dunes and though the woods as well.

    We will most likely view some large Elk and alwayswe shall see Eagles and Herons fishing in the Bay.

    The house is LARGE- will sleep 14-20 people and has a HOT TUB for after ride soaks..or morning evening or anytime dips in the warm,bubbly water!
    It is only 90 minutes form Portland..hwy 26 to route 6 onto Tillamook Bay on hwy 101 Route.

    Can't wait and Will have fine eats/ and horsey-wines
    on the table for before and After the rides too!

    See you on our Virtual Ocean Beach Ride!!!
    KacyK, With Wa Mare

  8. KacyK, thanks! I can't wait to get us all "heading down the trail."

  9. I'll be there on my AngloArab Jackson and we'll be in our Aussie tack for the trails! I'll take you all to Hill Country and teach you how to avoid rattlers, and perhaps we'll find an armadillo, deer or some wild turkey. Afterwards we'll go swimming at a friends and have Texas BBQ and iced tea!!! Let me know when to post my "virtual ride..."

  10. My bay mare, Windy, and I will take you on some Nebraska trails.


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