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In which we reach the adventure's end point: Rosalia and Tekoa

  We're getting close to the end of the trail...less than 35 miles to go. This part of an adventure always brings up mixed feelings for me.  I love being out on the trail, living in my truck, hanging with my horse every day...but I miss Jim, the dogs, my garden.   But we aren't done yet!  It's time to ride to Rosalia! 47°14'18.0"N 117°22'23.4"W Malden to Rosalia directions:  Head east Broadway Ave 0.5 mi  Continue onto Pine City-Malden Rd  Turn left onto Rosalia Rd 0.3 mi  Continue onto S Whitman Ave  Turn left onto W 1st St (becomes Gashous Rd) Camp is on the left, on the back side of the rodeo grounds. Only 10 miles on the trail today, pretty much a walk in the park for our group at this point in the journey.   However, temps were forecasted for the high 90's, and not much wind...and very little shade.  We beat feet outta Malden early in the morning, before it got too hot to think. Our camp in Rosalia is at the back of the rodeo grounds, on a big gra

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