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In which there's a ketchup post and we are on high ground here at the Farm

  Usually I write like crazy during November, but this year I am just not in the groove. I've also felt for a while that I tend to write the same things, over and over:   it's raining, it's dark, I rode my horse, I caught some chanterelles, I went to Fish Creek, here are pictures of wet chickens. But recently somebody pointed out that nobody ever said, "Agatha Christie just wrote another book about murder, ho hum."  I guess that's a thing to consider.... So, here's an update on life at the farm: We re-financed the house (which is stressful and also boring) this summer, with the main goal of getting enough cash out to re-roof.  Mission accomplished.  We are good on this roof for another 20 years.  Up on the rooftop The dogs didn't enjoy having the boom truck in the yard or roofing guys on top of the house...but they did wag tails when they actually met  the crew boss.  #notgoodguarddogs My aunt moved up to Bellingham from California recently, and my t

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