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In which the summer is flying by, and the turkeys are not smarter

There are a few constants each summer at Haiku Farm. The squash plants will always overrun every other crop in August At least one dog will always be available to help with food harvesting Sunflowers are always welcome A riding day is better than any other kind of day and Turkeys will reliably make poor choices I've been catching the turkeys on short videos for social media this year, and I figured I should share some of the "best of Two-Minute Turkey" here.   Because really, who doesn't need a few minutes of turkeys?  Here's a curated series.  Enjoy! "What is Food?" "Too Big to Perch" "Snoods and Wattles" "All Riled Up" "Pea" is for "Playground" "Turkeys in the Rain" As for the rest of the farm:   We've finished the majority of domestic berry picking, but there are still enough strawberries, raspberries and blueberries to throw in our oatmeal each morning.   We're harvesting and canning

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