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In which we scamper around and make a sweet treat to share with our friends

Years ago, the incredibly productive Italian plum tree in the orchard keeled over from the weight of the fruit it carried. " That's it, " we thought.  "We've definitely lost that tree." But it was late fall by then, we were all really busy scampering around getting ready for winter, and nobody got around to cutting up the plum tree for firewood. And the next spring, it bloomed, and leafed out, and bore fruit again.  And it has done, ever since.   But now, when I go to pick plums off that tree, I have to bend down instead of reach up to get them. The Miracle of the Reclining Plum Tree This year, the Reclining Plum has gone into overdrive.  We've been eating plums fresh, chopped into the morning oatmeal, or just as a snack as we scamper around (it is early fall, you understand, and the scampering isn't nearly done yet). But we can't leave most of the plums for the yellowjackets! I have a better idea. Rum-Plum-Cardamom Jam I found a recipe that I li

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