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In which bumps of bare dirt will eventually become our gardens

This time of year is a busy time for the gardens (and the gardeners), but it doesn't look  like much.  It pretty much looks like "bumps of dirt surrounded by other bumps of dirt."   So, here's a tour of the Farm gardens, with labels so you can (kinda) tell what is (eventually) going to be growing there. Classic Garden 1.0 - the first garden we built here at Haiku Farm, way back in 2009.   Last year this garden mostly grew squashes and corn. This year:   Peas and spinach are up, potatoes are beginning to sprout.   Beans will go in mid-May, as will sunflowers.  There are calendulas scattered throughout this garden, and I let them grow wherever they aren't directly in the way of something else--they self-sow, and require very little attention...and besides, calendulas are pretty. Also appearing in the Classic Garden this year:  Carrot germination is slow and undependable, so I'm trying a new trick this year to see if that helps. I read that if you get the soil we

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