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In which the Dragon has transformed from "Hellbitch" to "A Kind Demeanor"

Fiddle is 20 years old now.  On the X-State trail (2021) For those folks who didn't know my horse in the beginning, let me provide a little history:   She used to be horrible. At an early endurance ride (2010) Really, really horrible.   She was a kicker, a biter, a bucker.  She would swing her body around to knock people over. A smarter person would have handed her back, sold her on, or somehow gotten away from her nasty attitude.  I am not smart.   At that time in my life, I desperately needed a challenge. I asked for a walk-to-trot transition (2011) I definitely got a challenge. "But she loves you!" somebody said on FB the other day. Does she?   I'm not convinced.   Final vet-check of a 30-miler (2013).  She is comfortable with me. My horse certainly prefers me to most other people.    She can trust me to be (relatively) predictable.  She knows what I'm likely to ask in most situations, and she knows she will probably be able to do whatever is needed.  She doesn

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