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In which we welcome a newcomer and Fiddle doesn't speak Human

The Dragon got the best  present today: "A BABY?  For me?  I LOVE babies!" Fiddle has always loved Sirie.  Fiddle remembers when Sirie was very young, and Fiddle loves young things.   2015 photo of the Dragon with young Eliza If you were ever one of the Dragon's Young Things, you are on her list for life.  We did circles in the arena with Sirie and the baby in the middle. ..somehow, the circles kept getting smaller... Sometimes Sirie brings snax. Always, Sirie takes the time to remember where Dragon's itchiest spots are and scratch them.  So, Fee is always happy to see Sirie.   But today, there was something wonderful and new: Every time she got near Sirie and Baby Gwenneth, Fee would snuffle the baby, and then do her "foot lifting" trick--first one front foot and then the other, over and over.  When we took the video, I assumed she was begging for cookies, but if you watch her eye, she isn't looking at pockets:  she's looking at the baby. Tonight wh

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