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In which I am not getting-rich-fast, and I seek help from my readers

I've been looking for a new venue for articles and seeking new audiences.  This blog has been active since 2008 (!), and I wrote both the Endurance 101 book and the Sex in the Library book in 2012 (although SITL took longer than E101 to get printed, it was all written and edited at the same time).

And then...I took a break.  I still spend every November scribbling out NaNoWriMo projects, but there hasn't been anything in recent years that really got the creative fire roaring the way it did when I was writing two books at the same time.

Recently, I discovered a new horse-centric website hosted by Featherlite Trailers that publishes articles for and by equestrians. And, ta-dahhh:  article authors get paid $15 per piece, once it meets a (currently low bar) of popular success.

"What the heck?" I thought.  So, I submitted some stuff.  (You can see it all HERE)

And hey:  it's working!  I'm getting paid!  Not tons of cash for each piece, but it's starting to add…

In which we return to Cowboy Camp and there is Much Sensibleness

"Come to Cowboy Camp and ride with me!" said Darlene. So, we did.

Darlene's friend Mikayla and her dad Mike joined us--and they ride STANDARDBREDS! 

I haven't seen Mikayla since she and Darlene attended the Caribou Gold Rush ride and parked next to Sirie and me in 2013!

We talked about trails, we talked about the track, we talked about gaits.

There was trail, there was road, there was mud, and some creek crossings

there was blue sky, and speckled sunshine


it is Good.

In which riding in the pouring rain is the better part of the day

Darlene's mare Lola was still lame, so Fiddle and I were solo on the trails  Sunday morning.  The forecast was "scattered showers", but reality was RAIN and lots of it.

When I got back to the trailhead, forward movement stopped happening. 

US Rider to the rescue...again!

We have learned from long experience that when truck batteries begin to fail, they will will pull the alternator down with them.  The reverse is also true:  when the alternator starts to go bad, it will foul the batteries.

The US Rider tow truck showed up promptly and hooked each of the truck batteries to a jump box (the standard jump box will NOT lift a truck battery, these were heavy-duty).  Wait a few seconds and...VROOOOOM. 

Vroom. Vroom. 


So yeah:  the alternator too.


Jim came out to the trailhead to verify the diagnosis (and to deliver chocolates to me and to the tow truck driver).

Then he drove his van over to the auto parts store, procured new batteries and a new…

In which there's a mystery in the sky and a twilight meander

"It's a bird!  It's a plane! It's a ... goat halo?"

No, we still don't actually know what it was.  Apparently, smoke rings appear sometimes in places like Argentina, West Yorkshire,  We did not hear a "boom", btw.  It just...appeared.

I'll update if any of the Haiku Farm residents appear to be raptured or abducted by aliens.  As of sunset this evening, everybody was in their usual spots, and only the people were looking at the sky.

After 15 minutes or so, the weird thing dispersed, and since I had my camera (phone) in my hand, I pointed it at stuff around the farm.  It's about time for an update, right?

Santa Jim (and Roo) installed a new garden gate for me this week.

The prior wood/wire garden gate was something we found stashed in an outbuilding when we moved here ten years ago, and it was great...until it wasn't.  The sn*w was the final straw on that poor old gate and it collapsed.

We planted Pickles' tree do…

In which there is an itinerary of the cross-state ride venture

Yesterday, I made a beautiful itinerary document to send to my mom and dad. Then, I realized that my mom's computer won't read the formatting of it. Sigh.

I (mostly) love technology.  
Windows was made for short-attention spans like mine, and connectivity not only makes my job as a librarian easier, it allows me to give my library patrons really good information even when I'm working at a teeny library that doesn't have room for a ton of reference books.  
I love the ability to answer my own questions in the middle of conversations, even if it does lead to jokes about me being unable to talk unless I have my information source (i.e. my phone) fired up.  This became really apparent on a recent drive to Seattle:  I accidentally left my phone behind, and so I couldn't consult library databases, Google, or even Facebook.  Egad.
And yet, in a little more than a month, Fiddle and I will head out to an adventure that will take us away from our usual connectivity:  the Cross…