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In which horses are good for whatever ails ya, and life is so good

Lytha left a comment on this blog last week:
My mom sent me a package for my birthday and she always stuffs lots of Seattle Times articles inside that she thinks i'll enjoy. i really do! one of them had your name - it was a photo contest you submitted an entry for - no idea when - a pic of hana in the woods. awesome! and i'm so happy my mom remembers your name when she sees it in the paper: )

I took the photo on January 18th, 2009, only a few days before our financing for the purchase of Haiku Farm was approved. In all the excitement of buying the farm at last, I guess I forgot to share this beautiful picture with the blog readers!

(Here's the link to the Seattle Times, where the photo was awarded an honorable mention in their annual "Reader Photos of the Year" contest).

That gloomy day in January, Jim and I were afraid that the financing would fall through yet again, and we just threw up our hands in frustration and took the horses out for a ride. The day was gloomy…

In which we visit a Pirate ship you will certainly recognize

Johnny Depp made her famous outside of her home waters.

But The Curse of the Black Pearl wasn't this ship's first time on the big screen.
The Hawaiian Chieftain and the Lady Washington are visiting our local harbour!

(I put my bum where Captain Jack Sparrow put HIS bum!)
Truly, Jim looks at home behind the wheel. Now, if only we could cast off lines and raise the sails! We weren't the only Pirates on board. This kid had a very special sword--it makes clanging noises when you swing it around. (jealous!) The topsail ketch Hawaiian Chieftain is a replica of a typical European merchant trader of the turn of the nineteenth century. Her hull shape and rigging are similar to those of Spanish explorer's ships used in the expeditions of the late 18th century along the Washington, Oregon, and California coasts. Built of steel in Hawaii in 1988 and originally designed for cargo trade among the Hawaiian Islands, her design was influenced by the early colonial passenger and coastal pac…

In which Spring springs, and we try to dodge the Tomato Curse once again

The blueberries are growing!

Strawberries, too!

And cherries...

...and plums...
...and pears!
Elsewhere in the yard, all the purple flowers are blooming:Chives.

Rhododendron bushes in the foothills near the Farm grow taller than I can reach when I'm on Fiddle's back! This bush, located behind the woodshed and receiving no tending whatsoever, is nearly as tall as the woodshed roof. You can understand why this is the Swampland State Flower!

Not everything is so easy to care for, unfortunately.

Down in the vegetable garden, we needed to replace the fence to keep Twelve out of the tomatoes. The old fence was meant to be temporary, and it lasted 6 months longer than I had originally planned!

Jim started by sharpening fenceposts...
...then he handed me the chainsaw and I got to practice my chainsawing skills. The Husquevarna saw is actually a bit too big and heavy for me, but the "lady" chainsaw needs some tinkering, so I muscled the big saw around and made fence points.

The …

In which Fiddle and I are a tow vehicle for a young horse friend

Today was Mateo's first experience on a proper Swampland trail ride.

The day didn't start smoothly for Mateo and Jennifer: he refused to load into the trailer. Sigh. Have we all been there? Did we all hate that part? Aren't we all glad when our horses finally learn how to put on their adult horsie pants and get into the dang trailer like civilized beasties?

Fee and I were already at the trailhead when Jennifer called to say that they would be late. No problem, said I. I was dressed for rainfall (oh yeah), and took Fiddle out for a quick speed-loop to get her settled down.

We were returning to the trailhead just as I got the call from Jennifer that the "miracle" had happened and her horse was in the trailer. Hooray!

When they arrived, Mateo was very, very nervous. He was pretty sure that the group of trail riders leaving the trailhead as they pulled up were leaving him All Alone for the Wolves.

Finally, Fiddle nickered to him and he settled down. I wa…