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I never knew that :: "PENDING" is such a great word. :: But it really is!

See it? Right there, next to the photo?

Pending. That's a technical real-estate jargon word that means "If all the stars align correctly and a certain person gets off her butt and collects the water sample and delivers it to the health department on schedule and if the chimney inspection works out fine and if the ruttin' sky doesn't fall THEN THESE FOLKS WILL GET TO BUY THIS PLACE!!!"Fingers drumming. Toes tapping. Glance at clock, check email, drum fingers, tap toes again. Thanks, Jim, for snagging the photo for me. (What a great guy!)

talking about money makes my head hurt; I just really want a BARN!

Do you think I could order this barn on E-Bay?

Gary-the-Financial-Genius shopped all kinds of loans for us, and did all kinds of work to keep costs low, which is good. Alas, with a VA loan, we can't add the cost of building the barn to the original home loan. They "just don't do that." Argh.
The new plan is to buy the house and land, and then apply for a "building materials" loan so we can build a small, simple barn ourselves. Actually, that is kind of exciting--I've never built a BARN before. Truthfully, I've never built a dog house before...or even a bird house. I wonder if I can acquire the skills without, like, using a power saw to amputate my arm or something...
Fortunately, there are Building Skills in my family. Whew. Maybe it will be like those Amish Barn Raising parties I've seen in movies, and us wimmen-folks will just earn our keep looking pretty and making food. Heck, I can make food.
But I'd kinda like to try building, too.

They accepted our offer! Now it's our turn to get really busy!

The next step for us is getting the well water tested.   
When I lived on a well many years ago, I was pretty casual about getting the water quality tested and verifying the capacity of the well.  Fortunately, the purity was fine, thanks to a gigantic reverse-osmosis water purification system in the basement of that house.  
Unfortunately, the RO unit gave one gallon of water for every three gallons processed...on a well that was not terribly productive.   I fought with that whole system for the entire time I lived in that house.
THIS time, the bank will (sensibly) insist on a water purity test, and we've written a "capacity verification" as a condition of the sale.  But...who knew that water testing is so persnickity?  Maybe it's just the Snohomish County health department rules, but you have to take a water sample after 8 am and return in (in the special sample jar) before 9am the next morning!   Who works on a schedule like that?
Well, me, apparently...if I want to ge…

Hoping, waiting, and :: wishing the snow would vanish :: do your stuff, Santa!

Today is Christmas, and what I'd like Santa to bring will definitely not fit in my stocking:  a house with five good pasture acres.   We've put in an offer on a place out on Jim Creek Road, and now we're waiting...waiting...waiting....
The sellers have said that they intend to accept our offer, but we're still waiting...they don't have electricity out there right now because of the snow, and with no electricity there is no fax machine.   

So, c'mon Santa:  do us a favor and deliver the documents!  Or at least, have the reindeer work on the powerline problem!