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In which Fiddle and I take to the hills, and Jim measures the new fence

I had a day off today, and the sun was shining: time to go riding!
Fiddle's pasture is still mostly mud right now, so on the walk to the trailer we stopped so she could eat some of the lawn. Yummmmm.
Then, over to the trailer to get cleaned up and dressed. Hmmm, a bay standardbred with purple tack: such a beautiful sight.

Off to the Tree Farm. I haven't ridden in nearly a month, and we were both pretty wonky. Fee kept spooking at non-existant stuff, and I was getting exasperated. Finally, I reminded myself that just because she doesn't spook Arabian-style, by leaping 300 feet into the bushes, doesn't mean that she might not be genuinely frightened by stuff, especially since it's been a long time since we were out alone. I hopped off and led her for a little while, and that helped.
When we came through this stretch of woods 4 weeks ago, there were trees here, plus a scary logging machine. Now the machine is gone...and so are the trees. Yeah, I can see why that might b…

In which Jim relates his adventures with the little lagamorph guys

So, this is a guest post from Jim "The Asparagus Stalker" Beidle concerning a close encounter of the Leporidinus kind.
When Willy and I made it home from work, we feasted on chicken (not THOSE chickens), corn and biscuits and hastened to our task: Clean out the bedding area behind the house. The Mistress of the Blog decided to extend and enclose the bed and plant squash and pumpkins as neighbors to the rhubarb. The dirt needed moving and the roots had to go.
Out came the pulaski and shovel, the tractor and a pull strap. I started scraping away at the earth. Now, I'm not yet proficient in the use of the front end loader; some times I don't even get a shovelful. Today, though, I once managed to fill the entire bucket! O frabjous day!
We had progressed to the point of wrapping the strap around a cluster of roots and suckers in a futile attempt to pull them free when Willy said, "what's that?" I looked to where he was pointing and there was Peter and Flopsy, …

In which I set about making the place a FARM by planting some stuff

Herb-next-door tilled the garden soil THREE times in the past week to chop up the grass roots and rattle all the rocks to the surface. That done, now it's time to put some seeds in the ground at last. The prepared bed, ready to receive little onion starts.
Seed packets, with their vegetable-porn labels . They aren't fooling anybody with those photos. Where are the slug-holes in the leaves? Where are the tattered parts of the flowers where the dogs decided to have a wrestling match in the middle of the bed? Humph.
My friend Ann says that seed potatos look like fewmets*. Dang, she's right.
Planting broccoli. To take the picture, I ask Luna to sit down in the garden near the broccoli bed. Then I run about 20 feet away, and set the camera on a bucket (aka "the gardener's tripod") and focus the lens on Luna. Push the "delayed shutter release" button and run back to the garden, next to Luna to pose for the picture. Notice that, in the photo, my knees appear…

In which the blue tractor arrives and we take it easy for a change

I got up early this morning to do the radio show, and then did barn chores at the place where the horses are boarded until our fences get built.

Jim and Willy, having served hardship duty at ridecamp, stayed home and slept in for a change! And then...

trumpets and drumroll please

...the tractor arrived!

One of the good things about the current economy is that you can hire Real People to do stuff like deliver a tractor to your house, rather than having to hire a company. The fellow who brought our tractor just lost his job, and is picking up work doing whatever needs to be done. I'm much happier to give him cash to feed his family than to hand the same amount to some national company.

I wasn't around when the tractor was delivered, so when I got home I found Jim happily tootling around the yard with it.

tootle tootle tootle. Hmmm. Is the name of the tractor "Tootles"? Hmmmmmmmmm. Tootles was the hard-working member of the band of Lost Boys in Peter Pan's Neverland...he …

In which we go to ridecamp, visit Iraq, and the Peeps grow some wings

We loaded up the SS Illegible on Friday and headed out to ridecamp at the Milwaukee Rail Trail Ride in Kittitas, WA.

This is an old picture of the Illegible--we didn't take horses with us on this trip, just humans and dogs. This time we didn't go to ride, but merely to volunteer at the vetcheck and socialize with our friends: mostly horses and people and dogs...but also mules.

Jim and Willy drove the water truck in the early morning hours, ensuring that every horse and rider would encounter a full water tank on their 25, 50, or 75-mile journey. Any rider who has ever encountered an EMPTY water tank (as I have) knows how vital the water truck guys are. As far as I'm concerned, water tank guys deserve to get two t-shirts plus as much of the Pirate's rum as they can find in my camp.

The water tank task requires a reveille of 5am, so it's not very popular.... I didn't participate in the water tank stuff, so there aren't any pictures of it. Instead, I got to sleep …