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In which somebody at the library has good "poney" training skills

It's too hot to think, and much too hot to think of something to write about this week.

So, here: 

I'm a big believer in trick training for horses, which includes training truly stupid tricks.

But this.  This is amazing.  
Here's the text for those who can't quite read it in the picture.  The spelling and punctuation is transcribed directly and not corrected by this author:

Trick #1

Step one put apple on poney's noes.

Step 2  then hold out hand and tell poney to whait

Step 3  point finger out then as you move it in a cuilcure moteion say go

Step 4  poney flips its head and catches the apple and eats it.

I wonder what Trick #2 is?
It's good.  That's what it is.

In which there's a summer routine: ride, work, play, eat, repeat as needed

Riding is always first on my list of preferred activities. But it's been so hot!

The garden is really starting to pay off now.  We're eating potatoes, cherry tomatoes, purple beans, collard greens, parsley, (the last) snap peas, and (the first) zucchini.  Plus eggs, of course.

In about two weeks we will be overwhelmed with green beans.  Please plan your visits accordingly.

Betsey and Amaya helped me get the first loads of hay in for winter.

Moving hay is hard, heavy, hot work, and I always end up with a bright itchy red rash for a few days after, but having friends help makes the process much happier.

Speaking of gardens, the Powellswood Storytelling Festival had to cancel this year, but two storytellers offered free performance clinics in the Garden last week, so we trekked down to learn stuff and visit all the pretty.

Stories (and storytellers) make me happy.

Oh, and after much angst, I got a new Egg.

Jim's wedding officiant business (the warm-weather alternative to Santa…

In which we go to the Highland Games and there's a Henry photo dump

Henry has been a friend of Haiku Farm since he was a little boy.

He's not so little any more.

For many years, it's been Henry's goal to participate in the Highland Games "heavy events":  the throwing and lifting competitions like the hammer throw, caber toss, shot put, and keg carry.

Today, he did it (in a skirt, as is traditional).

We were there to clap and cheer.

And to take photos.  Here are a bunch of pictures.  We hope y'all are as proud of this boy as we are.

Congratulations on your excellent day, Henry!

In which we take (metaphoric) coals to Newcastle by boat and barge

"Ha-LAR-ious" is one of my friend Erica's best words. And when I hang out with her, I see fun in many things.

When Erica's call went out a few months ago asking for the loan of a pickup truck to move a piano, I stuck up my hand and volunteered.  Even moving can be fun if it's with Erica.

And besides: Erica and Michael aren't just moving across town.  They are moving back to Waldron Island, the tiny remote island in the San Juan archipelago where Michael grew up and where they both lived many years in a house they built themselves.  The house is warm and pretty and cheerful, but they get water from a hand-dug well, and get electricity from solar panels. 

I read about life on Waldron many years before I met Erica, and was excited to visit there in person.  One of the nicknames for the place is "Piano Island" because the wintertime census for the entire island is about 60 people, and the unofficial count of in-tune pianos on the island last winter was 5…