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In which we brave the elements and find food as well as Certain Death

"It's dumping cold rain and the trails will be awful,  and I don't want to pack wet tack for the ride.   Let's go mushroom hunting!"
To say that we are "new at this" is to understate things rather a lot.

Monica caught the foraging bug last fall at the Foothills Ride, when she rode with Paul, who is (among other things) a fabulous cook and a firm believer in finding food wherever food may be found.

She learned from Paul (and from a little independent research, to make sure she remembered the details enough not to poison anybody),

and she taught us.

It didn't take long for all the Usual Suspects to catch onto the fun of finding "gold" in the woods.

So the other day when it was way too nasty to ride, Duana and I headed out with the dogs to do a little mushroom hunting.

Du was more bold about traipsing off trail than I was.  I'm still a little careful--my hip is totally sound now, but falling down would still kinda suck.

The treasure is tem…

In which "training" isn't something that you pay somebody to do once

A library patron recently came in seeking referrals for a dog trainer, and we fell into conversation.  
As it happens, her dog (a 2-year-old lab mix) has some bad habits like jumping up on people and barking madly at the sprinkler.  The lady wants to hire somebody to fix the dog.

Longtime readers will immediately know where I'm gonna go with this.

It is my notveryhumble opinion that
1.  Dogs are easy to train, people not-so-much.
2.  The best person to train a dog is the human s/he lives with
3.  If the dog's owner lacks dog-training skills, it's most effective to hire a trainer to teach the owner how to work with the dog
4.  Even when a dog is "professionally trained," the training won't stick if the people with whom the dog normally hangs out don't enforce the training regimen.

So what's all this doing on a mostly-horse blog?

I'm so pleased you asked!

The Dragon has always been snarky about her personal space.

When I got her, she was a confirmed…

In which the Newest Camera takes better pictures of lots of stuff

I went riding today, and (of course) I took the camera.

I was pretty bummed when I lost my Old Camera in the middle of the Renegade Rendezvous ride in July.  
That camera and I had been through a lot together, we knew each other.  And was gone.
I got another camera when it became clear that my Old Camera had gone walkabout and probably got swallowed by an elk.  
Rebound relationships are never good.  The Rebound Camera was too fond of opiates.   I took it back.  
(Best Buy has a very good return policy, and excellent customer service, in case you ever need to know that.  Their extended warranty ain't cheap, but for somebody like me who puts a lot of rough-and-tumble mileage on a camera every year, it's worth it.)
Replacement #2, aka the Newest Camera, cost more money than I wanted to pay.   Also, it's red, not purple (or even pink).

 And it's a little bit bigger and heavier than my old camera.  But...

Of course, not all pictures turn out, uhh, picture-perfect.…