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In which we introduce the new kid and he doesn't tell us his name

His name isn't Pancake. 

He isn't Homer, or Smee, or Gatsby or Katniss.

He isn't Phineas, or Ichabod or Mowgli.

He isn't Pixel, or Gimli.

He is not Aslan, not that we ever thought he was.

Is it Skimbleshanks?

Are you Pluto?  or Mackerel?

Mehitabel?  Midnight Louie?  Mogget?

Rum Tum Tugger or Rumpleteaser?



also known as RumTumTummy, Why is the Rum Gone, and RumbleTiger.

And a bunch of other silly things.

After Puzzle died last winter, we knew we needed to take a break from cats.  He was such a special kitty that nobody would be able to step into his place immediately.

Esmeralda is still here, of course, but she doesn't come in the house.  She is a terrific mouse and rat-catching cat, and we need her skills in the barn.

But lately, we've been kinda looking around.  I even tagged a friend who works at the animal shelter, asking for her to look out for a bold tabby person who might fit into our weird little household.

Then, a few days…

In which I repeat myself redundantly. Do I hear an echo?

After almost 9 years of writing this blog, it's difficult not to repeat myself.

It can't be interesting to read, week after week, "I had a great ride, the trails are beautiful, the rain has stopped for a while, I'm so lucky."

The truck is back from the shop, and running just fine again.  It is still for sale, but I'm mobile until it sells.

That means that Fiddle and I are back where we belong.

I had a bunch of meetings last week, so my work schedule was weird...which resulted in time off on the sunniest day we've had all month.

We aren't the only ones on the trail this time of year. 

We frequently see people with bicycles, dogs, strollers, fishing poles, and all kinds of other weird gear.  Today we saw a guy with ENORMOUS dreadlocks on a bicycle pulling a little red wagon.  The wagon contained:
A dog.
A basket of mushrooms.
And a kid.
It may also have contained 47 live rattlesnakes wrapped in white plastic shopping bags, but Fiddle stopped worrying on…

In which my brain is not wording tonight so here are eyeball look things

Blame the weather?   I've been doing stuff, but writing is not coming out of my fingers.

In which I try not to work so hard and my dog is my co-pilot

Vacationing is actually kind of difficult for me.

I'm good at taking time off from work and heading off into the wilderness.  That's never difficult.  
My problem is that I'm always looking around for some work that needs to be done in the place I'm visiting.
That's why, when my plans to head over to Spokane to help ride management put together the Crazy Daze ride fell through, I had to recalibrate.
I spent some time riding, of course.  

I got a bunch of needful chores done around the Farm--non-exciting stuff like renting a wood splitter and processing a bunch of firewood so we can stay warm this winter.

I harvested some stuff from the garden.  The plums are getting ripe, the apples are almost ripe, the blackberries are almost done, and the beans are almost ready to harvest and dry, so I harvested and processed food for a few days.  That will be good, come winter time.

And I really cleaned out my office, and got rid of 8 bags of dust-collecting clothes and junk tha…