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In which our boys are growing up, the trails await, and there's a garden

Both of these guys passed a big milestone this weekend!

On Friday, Will graduated from the HVAC program at CITC, a vocational trade school for construction industries. This program had him working as an HVAC apprentice while studying hands-on and academic skills.  

Then, on Saturday, young Henry did this:

 We are so proud of them both, even if we really continue to think they still look like this:

On Sunday, we had no social plans, so you know what I did.

The day was warm and sunny, so I aimed for the shady trails.

Such a pretty day.

We ended up at the river!

In which it's time to wander around the garden to see what's up there

Well, this is a farm blog.  Wanna see what's growing?

In which the Cross-State ride report picks up the bits and brings it all home

A few photos got missed in earlier posts and deserve a little daylight.