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In which questions are asked, and some of them are even answered, sorta.

In which we continue fence building, trim trees, and have Korean Food Night

In which Hansel and Gretel inspire me: we don't get lost in Spring

In which we build a short fence, and Luna discovers a Predator

In which we are mostly moved In, and start to add more colors inside

In which Food From Far Away is a Very Good Thing for tired folks!

In which we truly understand the meaning of "A Full Cord of Wood."

In which a Very Useful Gift is given by wonderful people!

In which we channel the Lorax, and speak for trees (and also plant some)

Moving in at last! In which a horse trailer proves to be quite useful.

In which a surprise turns out to be a very, very welcome thing!

In which even snowfall doesn't slow us down (very much): we're MOVING!