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Itchy palms: money will be coming in soon (and then leaving again)

Needed for New Place: Shovels and Rakes and Implements of Destruction

Straight from the horse's mouth: an hour with a travelling equine dentist

WAHOOOOOOOOO! We have our approval at last. Now the real work can begin!

still no banking news. yes, i'm getting impatient. no, that isn't news.

Would a haiku by another name still have seventeen syllables?

the lazy gardener lets a good manure pile do most of the work

Gardener's Playboy: Territorial Seed Company Catalog

House financing tanked. A moment of Onwards to Plan B

Everyone join hands and do the "Money Dance" so we can buy this place!

We like to shop online; lately we've been shopping for a good TRACTOR

"Sacrifice Area" : no sharp knives or beating drums are needed here

For mapgeeks like me, satellite images provide hours of great fun

this is the post for country folks who want to know about the outside

this is the post for city folks who want to know about the house stuff

While we were taking photos,snow rolled down the mountain to welcome us

Not superstitious: we just never leave port on a Friday, that's all....