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In which Hallowe'en is an excellent time for silliness with pets

"It's not raining.  Let's go riding!"

The costume party for the people was last night.  
I wore my purple dragon costume, a gift from Duana and Patty.  No photos have surfaced yet...but I'll wear it to work tomorrow, and there will probably be some snaps.

This morning, the sun was shining, and I still had the box of costumes open and spread out on my closet floor.


"Dog costumes" only need a little tweaking (and sometimes some duct tape) to fit onto horse heads.
And back at home:

Some dogs are more enthusiastic about costumes than others.

Foxie is the only one who doesn't just keel over with embarassment.

Dignity.  Who needs it?

It's a beautiful day!

In which the moiling continues: we're surrounded by acres of gold

Mushroom season isn't over yet!

The true rainy season is just beginning.  This year, Patty is ready!

Today it wasn't raining, so she left the pink Dragonwalker back at the vehicles.  We headed out to Chanterelle Hill, of course.

I gathered chanterelles with the gang for about an hour, and then Fiddle and I headed out on a quick 6-mile loop.

At the end of our loop, we met up with the Suspects and helped them pack out the loot.

Cleaning the mushrooms out on the back patio, we attracted an admiring audience.

Our dining room table often turns into a drying rack for produce and mushrooms.

I grew up here in the Puget Sound region, and part of my heritage is the music and poetry o

In which the weather has a bright (gold!) side and Foxie hitches a lift

The bright side of all the rain: CHANTERELLES.

With thunder rolling above Seattle, and thunderstorms headed towards our favorite trails, the usual Sunday morning ride got pulled off the calendar.
Instead, we went to lunch. 

After getting fully fortified by lunch (and waiting for the thunder to move further north), it's trail time!

Jim and Patty and Duana and Foxie Loxie headed out with me.

The best chanterelles hide under ferns and salal branches--and some of the salal has gotten so big that Fox can't get past.

The exercise of keeping watch over my little dog was worthwhile:

The chicken-and-bean soup is greatly enhanced by our efforts!

In which an umbrella will not be helpful for the next couple days

Predicting rain for the Swampland this time of year is a no-brainer.

Still, generally speaking, native Pacific Northwesterners are not umbrella users.

In fact, Curmudgeon Emeritus Emmett Watson (1918-2001, longtime writer for the now nearly-defunct Seattle PI) who referred to outsiders as "sun-baked barbarians," noted that a mossback's status could be told by the proximity of his/her umbrella:   Visitors have umbrellas in-hand, even when rain is not imminent.New immigrants have umbrellas within easy reach.Those who have been here a while know where the umbrella is, even if it's buried in a car or closet.  It can be fetched readily when desired.True mossbacks either don't own umbrellas at all (most common) or own one or two that were gifted by well-intentioned outsiders.  But they don't know where those gifted bumbershoots are.  Maybe the basement?  Maybe the attic?
It's not that we are extremely tough, water-resistant persons.  It's not that rain is s…

In which there is a photo dump of a nice ride in a nice, damp Swamp

It's October. 

This year, October doesn't mean much to Fiddle and me.  We didn't compete this season, so it's not the end of the season.

There are still a few rides left on the calendar in our region, but we won't be going to any of them.

It's not a particularly stressful time of year at work, so I don't need to ride so I can avoid screaming while on the clock.

It's still too early for sn*w, so there's no question about passable roads.

Most of the bugs are gone, except for yellow jackets, and those are pretty easy to avoid if you watch where you're walking.

It's only a moderate mushroom season, so I don't need to feel guilty if I don't want to hop off and tramp through the wet weeds on every trip through the woods.

The trails are muddy and slick in spots, so trotting is just for the roads.  

If I want to explore trails with Fiddle, we walk.

A good rain jacket is an absolute requirement for October, but I have one of those.