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In which there is another story of disaster and redemption

In which holidays in the Swamp mean food, and friends, and even more food

In which there's a story to share while you're sitting warm around the fire

In which there's some tricking as well as tea and cookies in this story

In which tall folks didn't always have an advantage over small fry.

In which there's a story about an unusual prosperity

In which this year's season of stories begins with a very large Frog

In which this story isn't really finished, but it will have to do

In which I tell a story that is mostly true, and partly not true

In which I participate in a meme, and invite you to join me

In which it's as dark as it's gonna get...more light from now on, hooray!

In which dressage lessons (aka "couples therapy") continue

In which Santa brings us some December Sunshine for our photo shoot