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In which I post a story for Aurora, who does good things sometimes

I'm still working to assemble a packet of stories to give away during the holidays this year, but a comment on Facebook  this morning prompts to post this one now.

The "Starfish Story" is frequently told in inspirational meetings and business conference settings, and I fear that most people have forgotten that it's a literary story and was actually authored (and copyrighted) by Loren Eisley.

Having said that, it's a story.  And it's a story that needs to be told.  So I'm gonna tell it.  If you need more stories, I'll be posting a bunch in a week or two, or you can check the Haiku Farm archives via the link above to find a bunch to keep you busy.

But for today, here's this one, in honor of Aurora over at Redheaded Endurance.

The Starfish Story, adapted from the original without permission

The seashore is a quiet and lonely place in the morning, and there were only two people walking that beach that day.

One was a older woman, enjoying the peace as she…

In which the Bad Idea Fairy talks about holiday shopping

"Hello, everyone, it's the Bad Idea Fairy here, with holiday shopping wisdom for your horse-loving friends and fans!"

All y'all, I am six bajillion years old, and I know a lot of stuff about holiday gift-giving.  So listen up because this is my very best advice for finding good presents:

People like stuff.  Give them stuff.  White cotton underwear is always a good bet.  If you don't know the right size, buy everything in your own size.  That way, if the gift doesn't fit, people can always just give it right back to you.  (PRO TIP: buy stuff in your favorite colors to make this easier)Don't worry about allergies and diets--those are for sissies.  Give everybody your favorite candy and if they don't like it, see the suggestion (above).Wait until the very last second to shop.  You don't want to miss out on the fun of the icy streets, the extra traffic, the adrenaline rush, and the crowded stores!Don't buy stuff on sale.  What are you, a cheapskate?  …

In which we celebrate seasonal Antler Humiliation stuff

We don't celebrate the Antler Humiliation Festival every year,  but when we do, we decorate everything.

It's not enough to just dress up and dink around the arena for an hour.  Oh, no.

But the cutest of all is, of course, the Baby.

No one escapes the Antler Humiliation Festival!

In which Endurance 101 has a Cyber Monday special price!

Maybe you've loaned your copy to a friend.   Maybe you don't want to loan your copy to a friend  (but you do want your friend to read it).

In 2012, I wrote a book for new endurance riders (the term "green bean" wasn't in common use yet!) called Endurance 101.
In the last six years, so much has changed.  Riders who were green beans in those days are experienced endurance riders now.  Horses new to the sport have accrued hundreds or thousands of miles.
Now, it's time to make the book available to a new crop of readers and riders.  
That's why, for a very limited time, we've dropped the price. 
From now until the end of Cyber Monday (November 26, 2018), the eBook edition of Endurance 101 is only $4.99 on Amazon.  Buy it for yourself or a friend--or both!

And hey:  we'd love to hear your stories about the book.  What's the best thing you learned by reading it?  What did you gain from the book that you didn't have to learn the …

In which endurance riders always have the scarier list of stuff

I recently jumped down an online rabbit hole when I discovered the "Chronicle of the Horse" blog posts of Lindsey Long.

This person is my kind of rider/writer:  practical, matter of fact, and willing to embrace and boost the signal on failures in the hopes that others can learn from her experience.  

To be and do all that online takes spine, and lots of it.

In my current favorite Lindsey Long post, she lists Riding Fails that she considers essential to grow as an equestrian.  These include:

Pick up the wrong lead or diagonalLose a stirrup or drop a reinChip a fence or go way too longFall offGet bucked offCry on horsebackSuffer serious show nerves on horseback, with bonus points for throwing upHave a major tack malfunction, with bonus points if you completely lose bridle or saddleGo off course, with bonus points for jumping an oxer backwardsExperience a refusal, with bonus points for multiple refusalsCrash into a fence, with bonus points for actually damaging the fence, and more …

In which I answer some questions, and you can answer some questions too

$900 Facebook Pony started it.

lytha in Germany kept it going.

Now it's my turn.

1.   Why horses? Why not a sane sport, like soccer or softball or curling?
I guess it's like asking a left-handed person why they choose left-handed scissors. 
You know there are other choices, right?  And you know that most people don't think your choice is the most sensible, right?  And you know your life would be a lot easier if you made more sensible choices, right?
Right?  Right?  Right?

2.    What was your riding “career” like as a kid?
Pony camp, friends' horses, catching rides whenever, wherever.  And lots and lots of books.
Never enough to satisfy me.

3.   If you could go back to your past and buy ONE horse, which would it be?  
If I could get Story back again, I would.  I borrowed a lot of wonderful horses before (and after) I met her, but she was the most special.  The day I bought her, I told her that I would keep her for the rest of her life, and I did.  

She's been gone almost 12 yea…

In which we start preparing Thanksgiving dinner with help from our friends

I'm aware that most Americans begin prepping their Thanksgiving turkey by shopping at the local grocery store.

I'd love to say that all the food we eat here on the Farm is sustainably raised by us or by local friends.  But it isn't true.  I'm just as likely to grab lunch at Taco del Mar as the next person.

However, for a few special meals each year we try to provide a table that represents good food raised right by our community and served with love.

Especially Thanksgiving.

Mel raised the turkeys again this year, and she hosted the dispatch party.  If you've never attended something like this, the word "party" may seem like an odd choice, but I think it's perfect:  a yearly gathering of people dressed in special clothes, with music and laughter and food.

Sounds like a party to me!

Holding an outdoor party in November around here is not usually recommended.  It poured buckets of rain all day Saturday, and it has poured more buckets Monday.

But on Sunday…