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The dogs are ready to move the household; the cat, not so much, really

One-word description of my "happy-place": BARN. No other words needed.

Counting chickens prior to hatching...well, LEARNING about hens, at least!

lower interest rates + banks being more careful = slow money

Five days left until the sale is final--keep your fingers crossed for us!

A new game for Fiddle: you're gonna put a MARBLE in my WHAT????

All I need is seventeen syllables and a few giggles each day

"Will they mow the lawn, too?" Vision of farm with a Chicken Tractor

Addicted to horses and riding. It's not so bad as Ecstasy....

Across the street is a mountain, and on the mountain there are the TRAILS

If I'm ever dying I'll buy a house: it makes time go dang slow!