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In which we celebrate Hallowe'en with...a scary story, of course

I've been telling this story a lot this month.  Seems like it's time to share with y'all.  I wrote it down the way I tell it, so I guess it probably makes more sense if you read it out loud.  Anyhow, it's a good story...and a true one.  --Aarene

"Prom Night"

I grew up in Bellingham, Washington, a little town about an hour south of the Canadian border.  There's some stuff you should know about Bellingham:

The town itself was established in the late 1880's, and one of the first things that the white settlers built when they moved there was Bayview Cemetary, a rolling 22-acre plot of land full of beautiful old trees and lovely old tombstones.  It's interesting that, although the town itself was built around the mouth of Bellingham Bay, the cemetary was built miles away, in the middle of the woods.

After more than 100 years of urban growth, the cemetary is no longer isolated in the woods.  It's now surrounded on three sides by houses, condominiums…

In which Hallowe'en is the best time of year: outfits on dogs and goats!

I do this every year. Mimsy is the dog who has been around the longest, and she clearly has "resignation" on her face. 
Luna loves to play dress-up.  Also:  I cannot take an unflattering picture of her.  It's impossible.  She is always pretty, always smiling beautifully (if somewhat vaguely) at the camera.
How can anybody look pretty while dressed as a shark?  And yet, she does.

Pickles is new to the costuming traditions of Haiku Farm.  She didn't mind the ladybug jacket, but she couldn't wait to get that hat off of her head.
(The fairy-princess collar covers up some of the places where her hair isn't all grown in yet.)
Together, they are lovely little flowers in their pretty outfits.  And yes, I did have a cookie for each of them when the photo shoot was finished.

But the scene-stealers, as always, are the goats:

Do you have your costume ready for tomorrow?  I want to see it! 

Post on your blog, or send me a link and I'll post it here!

Happy Hallowe'en,…

In which it's beginning to look a lot like...TIME TO SCARE YOUR HAIR OFF!

I'll be awake early on Sunday morning, getting ready for the annual KSER SCARY STORIES RADIO SHOW.  Y'all are invited to listen in!Here's the link:   Click the "Listen Now!" button in the upper left corner of the screen, and then sit back to enjoy some of our favorite stories of the year. 

Our show broadcasts live on Sunday mornings from 9 to 11am Swampland Time.   If you oversleep or are busy fighting off zombies or something on Sunday morning, there is now an ARCHIVE feature available that stores two weeks worth of programming online.  Click here, or find the "Radio Re-Player" button on the station website.

If you need some scary stories right this instant, you can find a couple on this blog:

Devilment - a story about a farmer, a horse, and...something wicked.

The Dare (or, Why I Became a Storytelling Librarian) - an old story told to me by one of the scariest people I've ever known:  my elementary-school librarian.

See ya on the rad…

In which my butt cheeks are finally covered...and it isn't raining

It's true, I finally made up my mind, and ordered a riding jacket to cover up my frigid gluteous maximus!   I decided on the Muddy Creek Short Coat.  Cost was about $100, and shipping was fast-fast-fast.   "My" jacket arrived in the mail about a week ago; I've worn in it a couple of times, but until yesterday the rain did not fall when I was in the saddle.
There was, however, a problem with "my" jacket: 

Although I followed the ordering instructions on the website, the "size medium" jacket they sent me was...roooooooomy.   Like, roomy enough to fit me inside the jacket with Pickles zipped up there with me, and Fiddle's head too, with enough room left over that I could stash my camera in the inside pocket.

I cinched the drawstring waist up so tightly that the string dangled perilously and had to be double-knotted.  Hmmm.
Patty tried on the size medium jacket and decided that it fit her properly:  roomy enough to allow her to add warm fleecy laye…

In which we go riding and encounter a bunch of very odd folks

Fiddle and I love to dress up.
The annual Traildusters Hallowe'en Fun Ride is often a highlight on our calendar.
Before folks get all dressed up, there's a "poker" ride.
We aren't supposed to call it a poker ride anymore, because the Washington State Gambling Commission has a bunch of crazy rules about poker.  We used to ride through the woods and pick up cards from various rest points, and when we got back to the parking lot, the best poker hand would win.  Now we choose numbers written on poker chips out of a bag.  Because THAT'S totally different than cards.
The plan was that Jim and I would ride with the Fish and have fun on the trails.  Hana loves Dory's mare Spot, so we put Hana in between Fiddle and Spot.  It didn't matter.
Hana was channeling her Inner Idiot today.  She snorted, she jigged, she lathered herself up every time Fiddle was more than a horse-length ahead...which, since Hana was jigging, didn't take more than a stride or two.   Sigh.