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In which it takes a village to write (and illustrate) an article

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In which Fiddle completes her first fifty-miler and is "fit as a fiddle"!

In which we finished Home on the Range, but first: a very quiet word

In which an obstacle is moved, and there is no crisis on the trail

In which the Bad Idea Fairy's meal planning is contemplated

In which Fiddle and I emulate our friend the Grand Old Duke of York

In which it is a good day to share a story, so I think I will!

In which veterinary medicine is found to be superior

In which I blow my opportunity to get a real pirate hook

In which Jim visually demonstrates Haiku Farm priorities

In which we ignore bad weather and ride, and get to the "bliss-out" point

In which we go up and up and Fiddle is ready for ride season