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In which an item on my bucket list has (finally) been achieved

We'll be in camp until after Renegade.  Please leave a message after the beep.

In which Fiddle has a hitch in her getalong, and we seek out help

Soundness is Fiddle's strength.
So when I see something odd with her gait, I don't dawdle around.  
When the vet noticed something a little glitchy at the midpoint vetcheck of Day 2 at Klickitat, I opted to ride her at a walk for the remaining 11 miles.  I could have pulled her at that point, but what we were seeing then was so intermittent that it was easy to doubt that there was anything there at all.  I was pretty sure she could finish without undue discomfort, and the vet agreed, so we went forward.

She probably could have trotted the remainder of the ride and still completed it without much trouble.  But why mess around with it?  We had plenty of time, so we walked--and she scored an "A" on her gait at the finish line.
A week later, I felt something a little hinky (thank you, Literary Horse, for that word!) at the start of a proposed 20-mile training ride last week and chose to flip around and return to the trailer immediately.  No need to stack miles on top of …

In which Foxie leads the rampage and Fee trots out for the video

Mornings are often pretty quiet on the Farm.
Monica wakes up early to do artistic stuff with ferns, or with clay, or with her camera.

Jim works such strange hours these days that "morning" doesn't really exist for him.

And I like to hear the morning Mozart program in the barn while I'm cleaning, before I wander around the farm to harvest breakfast.

The dogs like a little more activity and noise in their morning.  Along with the cat, they enact what we like to call the "migration of the wildebeest herds" each day.

Today was a little more boisterous than usual, so I figured I'd share.

Notice that the cat plays the game along with the floofs!


On her last ride out, Fee seemed a little "off" at the trot.  Not lame, exactly, but a little glitchy.

Certainly not consistently lame enough to be pulled at an endurance ride, but the gait was oddball enough that I aborted the workout and went back to the trailer …

In which the littlest dog has made a small (but fierce) friend at the farm

They will do this for hours.

In which there's always room here for a bit more floof and barking and mud

Roo and Luna have a new little brother!

Foxie Loxie Littledog weighs about 14 pounds.  (For comparison, Roo weighs close to 30 pounds).  He's bred to be tiny...even tinier than Pickles Marie Tinydog, who was about 16 pounds when we (finally, briefly) got her up to fighting weight!

This dog doesn't have any of Pickles' health concerns.  He's about a year old, and has had excellent health care his whole life.  His former owner

recognizes that her city lifestyle was just fine for the elderly sheltie who died  last year, but isn't nearly engaging enough for a playful young dog.  She did a lovely job raising the pup. 

And now he has come to live here, where dogs have plenty of room to run and chase and bark, and nobody minds much when they shed and drag mud into the house.

 He has got us all quite charmed.  
And that is a Good Thing.

In which the Klickitat Trek ride is hot...and fun...and also quite hot

We've been here before.

In fact, Fiddle and I have been to the Klickitat Trek several times in past years.   In 2010, we went with Madeline, and there was silliness. Last year, this was the first place I rode a 50-miler post-surgery  (I needed lots of help!)
I've also ridden this event in prior years with Story, Toad and Blaze.  

But there's always something new at Klickitat Trek.

Part of the charm of this ride is the attention span of the ride manager--she likes new stuff, and she always tries to bring riders through new parts of this beautiful stretch of forest.

We've had some unpleasant close encounters with other riders at recent rides, and I'm still trying to figure out a way to keep everybody safe.  Of course, that means that training with Fiddle is ongoing, but it also means trying to teach riders to give her a big bubble of personal space.
I am VERY proactive about pulling off the trail when there's room, but sometimes folks ride right up behind her eve…

In which I'm too tired to post anything but the teaser video

Day 1: fifty miles Day 2:  twenty-five miles 

This vid was shot at about 40 miles on Day 1, just after trotting--carefully--past the Devil's Own Cattle.  

Shhhhh. Be vewy, vewy qwiet.  Sneaking.....

Look carefully at the blue spot on the horizon above Fee's left ear, and you will see Mount Adams lurking there.

It. Was. Good.