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In which a rose by any other name might act a little nicer

O, be some other name!  What's in a name?  that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet....
Fiddle has a lot of names. 
That's pretty normal for members of our household, and I suspect it's not crazy-abnormal in a lot of other households. 
There's registered names, for example.  Hana is "MA Abdayas Aspyre", not something you want to shout across the field at dinnertime.   
That's not the worst of it:  somebody must have really got up on the grumpy side of the bed to proclaim that the pretty little new standardbred filly born to Willow Killean in 2002 was going to be registered with the USTA as "Naked Willow."   I mean, seriously?
There are also "barn names", which is the name we really DO holler out across the field at dinnertime.  "Hana" and "Fiddle" are perfectly holler-able (although it's easier to shout Feeeeee-ddle, so I usually do), and won't offend the neighbors even at top-volume.

In which Willy and Lisa and Hana show their stuff (in a lesson!)

(My apologies for crummy photo/video quality in this post--somehow I left home without my camera and had to rely on my phone) The kids had a half-day at school yesterday, and I had the day off, and Dory wasn't off at some show or we got ourselves in for a riding lesson.  (Jim had to work, poor thing!)  Lisa is getting the hang of posting the trot, and Guy is the soul of patience with beginning riders. 
If Guy figures the rider can't handle a trot, he Will. Not.  Do.  It.  As the rider skill level improves, he will expend more energy to give a good ride. Yes, I know:  Guy is worth GOLD.  Dory worked with Willy on steering, posting on the correct diagonal, and controlling the speed of Boogie, who is Nikki's endurance horse. 
I brought Hana as my own mount--Fiddle is still on time-off following the Mt Adams ride--and worked with her for a while.  Then, Dory told us that she thought that Willy could probably handle riding we swapped steeds!

Hana has a tendan…

In which I harvest something wonderful planted by somebody else

I didn't plant most of the rhubarb growing on our property.  I did buy a few little transplants when we first moved here, and they are still alive, but they haven't prospered yet.  However, to my delight, we discovered that farmers living here many years ago planted the stuff along the property line. 

That first year on the farm, we spent a lot of time discovering things left behind by prior residents. 
Most of our discoveries were unpleasant, like the barbed wire left from the 1930's and 1940's, when the entire valley was a dairy farm.  Some of our finds were bizarre, like the still-functional car jack and a claw hammer we found in the middle of the mares' pasture.  
A few discoveries, however, were delightful, such as the thriving grapevine, buried under 6 feet of blackberry hedge, established in the 1970's and 1980's by a previous owner, and completely neglected by the folks who sold us the place.
It's difficult to say how long the rhubarb has been her…

In which is difficult to say if we really escaped Rapture

Fiddle and Hana got off the trailer into this grassy mountain meadow and were pretty sure that they'd arrived in Heaven a few days before the "scheduled Rapture."  
However, this was the Mount Adams ridecamp, not the Afterlife.
 The drive down to ridecamp took longer than it took me to ride 50 miles of mountainous terrain...and not just because we needed to do some adjustment to the tires at the mid-point. 
(p.s.  tighten your lugnuts!  we're so glad we did!)
The sunsets in camp were amazing.  Actually, it was pretty amazingly beautiful the entire time.  As soon as I took the photo, I set up my chair beside Jim's and we admired the mountain together (it's hard to see in the photo, but the mountain is right in front of camera has problems with grey/white)
 Breakfast on Friday morning = a great reason to come to camp on Thursday!  Biscuits + gravy, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, fresh asparagus, cornbread, sausages....

...there was even more food than tha…