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In which I spend a lot of time with my dear Minerva Louises

In which I have been writing for thirty long days and now it's bed-time

In which the Minervas move to the Winter Palace, and I write more

In which we gather for the holiday and eat some really good food

In which there is a holiday, and we are truly thankful for it

In which we rehearse food in preparation for the Upcoming Feast

In which we inquire about readers' gravitational preferences

In which I emulate the grasshopper, which is maybe a good choice

In which I tell a story that I didn't anticipate telling

In which I keep writing, and I get a little LUCK in the mailbox

In which I heed a friend's very good advice, and I Shut Up and Ride

In which we salute the person who had to work on Veteran's Day

In which I continue writing like a madwoman, and ponder gifts

In which I learn important farming skills by telling an old folktale

In which the Minerva Louises do not enjoy the rain at all