In which we survive Convention, buy stuff, sell stuff and have a real blast

2014 PNER Convention!

The Usual Suspects dressed up in our finery for the PNER Banquet

We went there with boxes of used tack to sell, lists of tack to buy

Rosemary lusted for the saddle, but didn't buy it.

and the intention to have a lot of fun.

It's impossible to escape Seahawk Fever, even for Santa.

Mission accomplished!

Two Green Bean riders show off their new membership cards alongside
Santa Jim's evil twin (Bean-there, Done-that rider Paul Latiolais)

I led two Endurance 101 clinics (standing room only for session 2!),
Green Beans getting ready to ride!

and sold some books.

The Endurance 101 booth, prettied up by the addition of Monica's Helmet Project bling

Becky Bean from the Blog of Becky did NOT die of appendicitis,
 although it might be more reassuring if she'd blog
 more than once every second month.  Just a hint.

I managed not to buy much.  The new line of "PNER gear" was irresistible, so Jim and I now have grey sweats advertising our favorite endurance organization.  Raffle winnings were, as always, very popular.

Major winnings from the raffle table!

We spent a lot of time socializing, of course, and meeting up with people we mostly only see online.

Rosemary and Monica in an extremely British conversation.

And then there's the banquet and dance.
Heaps of people, clapping for winners and hoping to win raffle ride entries!

None of the Usual Suspects were getting important awards (although I got to announce a couple of awards, and that's always fun)

Rockin' the formal wear, the striped fingerless pirate gloves...
and the reading glasses
so we mostly chatted and clapped through that part of the evening.

But after the banquet is the DANCE.

Endurance riders love to dance!

And for the DANCE, we like to dress up in fancy/funny outfits

Is this photo a million times cooler than any
prom picture anywhere?
Yes.  Yes, it is.
and have some FUN.

mid-point in the dance, the fun continues

And when that's all over

snoozin' in the Party Van on the trip home

It's time to go home and get ready for RIDE SEASON.

Because life as an endurance rider is GOOD, ya know?


  1. I don't know which genius decided that convention should be in January, but he or she deserves an award. Every year, no matter what the topics are, I get a much-needed shot of motivation to keep riding through the winter weather...


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