In which we counteract the sedentary nature of writing books

Writing two books in a single year has been...challenging.  The two projects are completely different, (Endurance 101 and Sex in the Library), so there's not much chance that I'll get them confused...(although there have been some awkward moments when I've sent a file marked "Chapter 1"  to the wrong editor...I now name files more distinctly!)
There has been a very unwelcome side effect of all this writing:  I'm getting fatter from all that writing and sitting.

When a FB friend posted pictures of her walking desk, I immediately wanted one.  Then, when Mel's mom posted pictures of HER walking desk, I got out some scrap lumber and the cordless drill and got busy.

Funder is building one too.  She is a skilled carpenter, and hers will probably be beautiful.  Mine relies on camping-girl technology, like these handy little rubber bungy cords.

Mine is distinctly functional,rather than beautiful.

...and I've walked about a mile while writing this blog post!



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