In which there are New Kidz in town and Lupin Goat Gruff doesn't like them

Dobbie Goat Gruff died last week.

Dobbie was 12 years old--a respectable, if not extreme, lifespan.  Dobbie and his little brother Lupin came to Haiku Farm in 2009, only a few months after we moved here. 

With Dobbie gone, Lupin Goat Gruff was alone, and that just wouldn't do.  So, I put out a call and was promptly connected with a 4-H kid nearby who had yearling wethers* looking for homes.

*wethers are neutered male goats.  Neutering cuts down the musky smell as well as the 
hormone-driven assertiveness in goats.

So, here they are:   Daft Wullie (green collar) and Nae-So-Big-As-Medium-Sized-Jock-But-Bigger-Than-Wee-Jock-Jock*  (red collar).  

*Their names come from books by Sir Terry Pratchett, specifically The Wee Free Men,
which might possibly be the funniest book ever printed.

They are Oberhasli goats, a Swiss dairy breed.  They won't get much bigger than they are now.  Wullie has a little nubbin of horn on his head, and Jock-Jock is a bit more timid.  They both have tons of personality!   

On Haiku Farm, goats are "duel-purpose", meaning they are here to eat blackberry vines and also be companions to the Dragon and each other.  We don't eat our goats.

Lupin is not impressed.

He did not want to come out to meet them!

Lupin figures that he doesn't need any new friends.

Lupin doesn't know that, soon, his Supreme Leader will be on the X-State Ride
and he will not be able to snuggle his Dragon at night!

The Dragon herself doesn't mind the little ones.  We told her that they are babies, and that word is all she ever needs to hear to trigger all the gooey eyes and babytalk from her.

I'm pretty sure Daft Wully had never met somebody as big as the Dragon, but in true
Goat fashion, he was ready for the new adventure.

Getting photos of the New Kidz is a bit of a challenge.

These kidz were bottle-babies, so they are not shy...and they ARE nibbley.

Lupin will have little goat friends when the Dragon leaves home for training rides or longer adventures, and that's a good thing.

"She is MY Dragon, not yours!"

Dragon shares a bit of breakfast with her new kidz.

Welcome, Kidz!



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