In which I ask readers a question and the comment box is open

 I've been writing this blog a long time.

Nearly 13 years, to be precise  (the first post went live on December 25, 2008)!

In all that time, I've covered all sorts of "farm" topics: 

2009:  no barn!  not even a garden fence!

 building the gardens,  the barn, the chicken enclosures.  

raising the barn in 2010.

There have been births, 

Maya surprised us with a "secret" clutch of 13 chicks!

and deaths.  

No dog lives forever, but Luna gave it a good try.

There have been large feasts,

We are really good at feasting

and small feasts

Any time there is food and smiling, it counts as a feast

and all kinds of celebrations.

My brother's wedding:  a joyous day

I've taken the blog along on adventures near and far.

The Cross-State Ride on the Palouse-to-Cascades Trail

There was a book!

People are still reading the book--and still buying new copies.

And of course, there have been plenty of adventures with "ears at the bottom."

There are also llamas in this photo

and now...what?

I'm working on a new book idea that will keep my NaNoWriMo time occupied this year.  But it's time to ask readers:

What do you want?  

More food?  More horses?  More parties?  More chickens and goats?  More travel?  More gardening?

The comment box is open.  


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