In which a week makes a big difference and there's a close encounter

Last Sunday it was winter.

Kitty and Mac met us at the usual trailhead and we wandered through deep sn*w and
blown-down trees

7 days later:  still winter.  But a better kind of winter!

Patty and I followed almost exactly the same route today, with bare/wet (and soggy)
roads lined with chainsawed-out trees!


I haven't ridden with Kitty for more than a year, what with the pandemic and all.  

But last Sunday we picked up chattering as we rode along the white hellscape as if we'd seen each other every week...because Kitty is Just That Awesome.

Kitty is adept at juggling reins and taking photos simultaneously

That great smile tells you all you need to know about our ride

The sn*w was knee-deep for the horses at times.  Hellish.

The Dragon ponders:  should she do a haka, or just trudge onwards?

Today, the weather was totally different.  Patty and I headed out to see it.

There was a bunch of that confusing light in the sky

Still with the smiling, though.

Arianna has grown FUR for the first time ever.  Her winter coat has always been a short lush plush in past years...yeah, we suspect Cushings.  Testing is imminent.

A trail group I watch on FB has been discussing obstacle training.  One fellow built some
"obstacles" for practice, including a mixed log pattern that looks like trot poles got 
dropped randomly on a nice, groomed lawn.  That's...cute...


Wearing All the Warm Layers: a wool shirt and a wool sweater under the coat!

Then, just when you think nothing new or interesting will happen, something interesting happened.

We heard a plane overhead.  This is normal.  But this plane sounded...really nearby.  And then engine rpms were dropping.

"Is that plane going to land?"

It did.  

And then it taxied to the top of the meadow, turned around, and took off again.  Right over the top of us.

Team Sensible for the win, y'all.


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