In which "being green" isn't difficult at all here at Haiku Farm

Here are photos from June 21st:

Haenaheim Garden:  peas, beans, corn (and weeds)

Volunteer foxgloves (if I like them, they aren't weeds--right??)

For contrast, here are photos I took this morning:

Haenaheim garden:  the purple peas will make red soup peas, the corn is growing,
there are SUNFLOWERS AND BEAN VINES.  And weeds, sigh.

Soup pea flowers


Culinary sage


The cold/wet spring was hard on early pollinators, but a few got out and did the work:
we have some plums on Pickles' tree, and a LOT of apples up in the orchard.

Even more, even bigger foxgloves.

Butterbush squash  (and weeds)

Potato flowers = I can start stealing new potatoes this week

Tomato flowers.  The tomatoes are hidden
inside the garden greenhouse to keep them out of the rain.

This broccoli survived the onslaught of the Slug Army.  Not everyone did.

Not-yet-blueberries (soon!)

Imminent raspberries

Strawberries for breakfast every morning

How about a non-plant update?  

Fox waits for the garbage truck

Turkeys:  growing fast, but not getting smarter.

Rumplecatskin does not like very hot weather

The river is cool and quiet

Nasturtiums and Dragon

It's not nearly as hot now as it was last year at this time (when we had a "heat bubble" event that made everybody miserable), but after a long, cold, wet spring we are ready for sunshine and temps above 60 degrees.

Now, if only I could get the weeds under control.



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