In which a good dog's life is lived, and we are sad when it's all over

 14 years is a good, long life for a Golden Retriever.  

Patty's good dog Connor was our helmet advocate in Endurance 101.
photo by Monica Bretherton

He lived the perfect life for a dog.





More water!

 Of course, it doesn't seem nearly long enough to the people who are left behind.


More friends!

Useful work!

C'mon pony, I'm doing my useful work, here.

More friends!


His best cookie-begging smile

Well done, Connor.  Good dog.  (2002 - 2016)


  1. Dogspeed, Connor! We said goodbye to our 14 year old Aussie/Spaniel mix Sunshine on 01 November, the hurt is still here, but the warmth of her love and companionship lives on. As my husband says, "Dogs blaze through life." They light up our existence in a unique way. Their parting makes room for another. Connor, you will be missed!

  2. It's always so sad....and painful....when their time with us comes to an end. I'm so sorry for your loss and so happy Connor had such a good life.


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