In which we rev up the Wayback Machine and support our favorite book

I'm told that gift-shopping for equestrians is a big challenge
for non-equestrians.

The tack stores are full of ... stuff.

The catalogs are full of ... stuff.

"Is any of that stuff useful? Do you need that stuff?  Do you want that stuff? Is it good stuff?  Who can know?" wails the frustrated non-riding spouse, parent, child, or friend of a horse lover.

Here's a suggestion:

Print out the photo and hand it to those who love you

Monica shot these photos of Santa Jim and "Jingles" (aka Ariana) to promote the original release of the Endurance 101 book in 2012.

Copy this photo to your Facebook page, and tag all your gift-giving friends

These days, Monica is busy painting chickens, Santa Jim is busy in the studio, and the book...well, the book became hard-to-find this year.  

We were having problems with the printer and the distributors, and for a while we just threw up our hands and went riding.

But, I'm pleased to say that, just in time for the holidays, the book is back!

You can even click on this picture to go straight to the E101 page on Amazon.  Or click HERE.

Need to convince your non-horsey spouse/parent/child/friend a little further?

Direct them to the FREE CHAPTER of Endurance 101, available HERE or to the free preview on the Amazon page.

Happy Holidays, from everyone at Endurance 101.


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