In which we gobble again and journey back in time (with horses, too!)

Most of them look something like this:

People in muddy boots eating fabulous food at today's
Thanksgiving Leftovers Party

Today, there was something extra happening during the party:

"That man is holding a (bamboo) sword!"

Fear not, Loyal Readers!  Hana has done this before!

Hana and Santa Jim at a Warhorse Challenge game day in 2008

Hana loves these games.  And, apparently

Duana loves these games too

she is willing to help everybody play!

I love these games, too

Fiddle stayed home today, so Hana got to play double

The learning curve was steep--and fun.

"We can whack stuff and Look Pretty at the same time!"
You can see a better video of them in action HERE

When Katie started getting tired, she loaned Whiskey to Monica.

This is the "head-whacking" game


I don't think Monica expected to have this much fun

We had so much fun, in fact, that we're gonna do it again!  Watch this space for details.


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