In which the days wane and I'm looking for new imaginary friends

It's getting Dark out there.

Our Knightly Friends held a Hallowe'en-themed practice (a "spooking session!") yesterday at Fish Creek, and several of us played along.

The Dragon was afraid of the rattle-y light-up hoop at first,
so we chased it around the arena until she wasn't scared.

Chase learns about plastic pumpkins

Harry was dubious about the stuffed spider at first.

Freya started learning the spider-tossing game

Toss the spider through the hoop and catch it on the other side!

After the games, we weren't done riding.

Rosemary and I rode the farm perimeter simply to spend some time in sunlight.
 It won't be long before that  yellow thing in the sky abandons us.

Patty climbed aboard the Dragon

It really is a lo-o-o-o-ng way to the top of this mare

and took her for a spin.

Shoulder-in is something Patty is good at, but I am not. 
Turns out that the Dragon is good at shoulder-in too.

A Standardbred's trot is her glory...but there's not quite enough room in the arena
to achieve escape velocity.

Patty's verdict:  this horse has come a long way.  And that makes me very happy.  


With November approaching, I'm starting to contemplate NaNoWriMo.  This year I hope to return to writing about Skookum, and work out some new stories about the little town that's actually pretty okay. 

To get the literary ball rolling, I have a request:  I'm looking for new characters.  Won't you help? 

Make up a person who lives in Skookum.  Please do NOT be serious. 

* Tell me your character's name.  (Make it up!  Be silly!)  If the name doesn't give it away, you can specify gender and age.

*   Tell me how to recognize your character when I see him/her in line at the hardware store.  Clothing?  a bizarre facial tic?  a distinctive companion?

Tell me about an incident in your character's life that the town will never forget.  Hitting the lotto is good, but puking on the mayor is better...especially if she was dressed as Santa Claus at the time.

*   Tell me about your character's imaginary friend.  The League of Imaginary Friends meets at the Skookum Public Library on the second Tuesday of each month, and many people in town attend the meetings--and not just because Birdie Mae Thoressen always brings her famous lemon pound cake so her imaginary friend Howard-the-mule can sprinkle lemon cake crumbs in his coffee.  They all have (or had) imaginary friends--but what kind?  Animal?  Human? Alien?

Please leave your most brilliant ideas in the comment box.  I can hardly wait to read them!


  1. Who is that bay fatty Chase? I want him.

    I love how your saddle is thimble-sized on your mare. Completely disappears under a rider.

    Freya is dreamy, how lucky she is to have you guys. Good work Duana. I love that pic of her on your FB page with the hoop. I'll never be one to discriminate against chestnut mares, having had both a bad and a good. The good was so much better at good than the bad was at bad.


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