In which we ride out with a bunch of Fish and Fiddle leads the Parade!

"It is October, right?

I'm in this photo, somewhere.  It says something about the diversity of the
Fish Creek riding crowd  that my 16 hand standardbred does NOT stand out! 

The event:  the annual Prize Ride fundraiser for the Cherry Valley Riders.  

tacking up

To the best of anybody's recollection, Fiddle's last experience at a poker ride was in 2011, prior to her spay operation.  Her behavior then was...not exactly stellar. 

Red tail ribbon was needful in the olden days.  Now, it's mostly decorative.

Fee was over-protective of Hana in those days, and over-protective of "her" personal space bubble...and I spent a lot of time throwing her into the bushes so she wouldn't kick anybody.

Standing quietly, munching hay, mugging for the camera, and not a bit worried about the horse
she'd never met before who stood butt-to-butt with her at the trailers.

My, how things have changed.

Fiddle is at the front of the line!

The sun was shining so brightly, it was more than a bit surreal.  All that blue sky...the woods starting to green back up after the dry summer...the trail footing a perfect mix of dirt and a little bit of was hard to remember the date.

Shooting the camera backwards does not always result in a successful picture

Usually we slog through mud at the fall prize rides, hunkered into our rain gear, trying to keep horses upright in the muck and trying to remember why we come to these events!

This "over the shoulder shot" with the camera was only slightly more successful

It wasn't very warm in the woods. 

There are no bears in these woods.  Also, as far as we can tell, no chanterelles.
We looked for both, just in case.

The sun was pretty, but we were glad to be wearing jackets and gloves.

Strolling uphill away from the "checkpoint" where horses collected carrots and pats

We weren't trying to make time,

ambling, not hustling

or build skills 

Coping-with-crowd skillset = activated!

or build stamina.

Two hours of walking is hardly strenuous for the Dragon and me

It was mostly a day to get out on the trails with our horses,

The Fish Creek group included horses and riders at all levels of skills and experience. 
For some, a 2 hour walk is a LONG RIDE.

and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts (which might not be much longer),

Apres-ride relaxation in the rare October sunshine

maybe win a prize or two (Dory always wins lots, I didn't win anything).

Lots of prizes, including the sublime and the ridiculous

The burgers were good, and cheap, and served with a smile.

The smiles are free.  

Now I remember why I attend these events:

These people make me happy

They are fun.  And that's...Good.


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