In which no matter what's happening in the world, I am a finisher

 If I were just a little bit more organized, I would have a daily list of tasks.

Since I'm not, and I don't, I use the blog to keep track of stuff I've started--mostly because I really enjoy being able to finish something.

Today, we finished Tevis.

The Virtual Tevis, that is!

We signed up and started the 2020 Virtual Tevis on September 6.  

September:  tank top, sunscreen

I've been pretty good about tracking our mileage this fall, and with the exception of the 2+ weeks that we had to stay home because the smoke was too horrible to contemplate any exertion at all, 

October:  hoodie and vest

I have saddled up that mare pretty much every week for some kind of activity.

Late October:  too wet to ride out, rode with Patty at Fish Creek instead!

November: polarfleece tights, wool shirt, wool sweater, down vest, wool socks, wool mittens

Finishing Stuff has become much more important to me in recent years...maybe especially in 2020, when the world in general has been so frustrating!

The big REPAINT EVERYTHING PROJECT is done, at last.  I'll post a photo of the (PURPLE!!!) front door soon (it's dark now, can't get a good picture of dark purple door at night!).  It looks great.

Every single day, I admire the Patchen Horse weathervane on the house--
and now I admire the beautiful blue house, too!

I finally remembered to shoot a quick video tour of the barn--and on a sunny day, too.  

And then, of course, there's NaNoWriMo.  

It's only November 9th, so I still have a lot of days left to write, but with a current word count of 21,091, I'm nearly halfway to the 50,000 word goal ahead of schedule.  

This year I'm totally re-writing the murder mystery from 2018, Claus of Death.  
So far, it's been a lot of fun.

What about you, Dear Reader?  
Are you trying new things this year?  Have you finished something that makes you proud?  

The comment box is open!


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