In which the gardens are burgeoning so it's time to throw a party

 Not that we need an excuse, especially after a (practically*) party-free 2020.

*We did host a few, small, masked-and-socially distanced outdoor gatherings last year, 
mostly in the barn.  But it's not the same.

When the garden starts to overflow the fences, it's time to invite people out to the Farm to celebrate summer.  

Monica and I both planted so many sunflowers this year.  They are my 2nd favorite flower
 (after lavender, of course!)

Party decorations?  Check.

Every good party needs dragons.

Guests?  Check.

Gathered in the shade around our wading pool/boat

Gail came to visit!  Foxie Loxie likes to hang out with his "Grandmoo."

Food?  Check!

It's hard to name all the food highlights.

Jim grilled delicious burgers and dogs for the crowd.  Jacob's faro salad was a big hit.  There was a beet-green salad that I loved, and a no-potato potato salad (using cauliflower!) that was amazing.  Monica deviled some eggs, and Darcy posted the recipe for her almond cake--I'll report back here if I'm able to make that with any success.

And of course, there were the Animal Attractions.

The Goat Kidz have never experienced a Haiku Farm party before, and made many new friends.

The Dragon performed her tricks-for treats as usual.  We sent the little kids up to the orchard
to pick up windfall apples, which we smashed and handed out to the critters.

Helen (photo above) was one of my preschool-storytime kiddos, and returned to the Farm for the first time since 2010.

Young Helen at the Farm in 2010. 
Yes, B-dog stole that hotdog a moment after the photo was taken.

Fiddle loves the attention she gets on party days, and Sirie knows where all the itchy spots are.

We know that masking mandates are returning--probably as soon as next week.  But for now, we can celebrate summer the way we like:  with a bunch of friends in the sunshine, surrounded by gardens.


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