In which Spay Day is followed by a nice, quiet recovery day

Fiddle was brighter of eye if not bushier of tail when I showed up at the vet hospital this morning.  

Apparently her temp went up slightly overnight, so she got a dose of Banamine this morning, but that was mostly worn off by noon.  

Today, the plan was to stay quiet and not do much.  
"I helps you edit, okay?"

I brought my laptop so I could camp out by Fee's stall and do some work on the Endurance 101 book.  Fiddle helped.  

I've never had horse spit on my keyboard before.  I guess horse people will find a way to work horses into every aspect of life, given a chance.

Periodically, we'd stroll out to the edge of the parking lot so she could snack on some grass.
 Here's a close-up of the bandage:

This evening, we ripped off the bandage to expose the staples.
Spay Day +1, right side
 The left side shows a little more swelling:
Spay Day +1, left side

If all goes well, she'll come home tomorrow morning!  

Her stall is clean and waiting.  

I'm eager to have my Dragon home again.


  1. Glad she's doing well and hope you both get home soon.

  2. Thanks for the updates on Fee, it looks like she is doing well. Here's to the rest of her healing going good and that you will be back on the trail with her as planned.


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