In which I'm continuing the Five Day Horse Blogger Challenge: Day Two

I started the "Five Day Challenge" HERE.  If you want to play along, welcome!

6. Favorite equestrian book and movie
A good horse movie has to be something pretty and not-completely-inaccurate, which is pretty difficult, because once Hollywood gets involved it seems like reality just flies out the window.  So I gotta go with "The Man From Snowy River,"

Excellent form downhill, with the rider's spine roughly parallel to the tree trunks.
Don't try this at home, though!

which is not only a terrific film (though I thought the soundtrack was dreadful) with good horse stuff in it, it's taken from a bang-up good poem by Banjo Patterson, which pleases my Snooty English Major Self.

For books, I'd have to choose Julie Suhr's Ten Feet Tall, Still, and Angie McGhee's Lighter Side of Endurance.  

I've read both of those many, many times.

7. Most common riding misconception
The most common riding misconception from non-endurance horse people is the idea that you have to have an Arab to ride endurance.
L-to-R:  Warmblood, Appaloosa, Walker, Arab, Spotted Thing, Standardbred
The common misconception from non-horse peeps is that if you ride long distance, your butt hurts.  Err, no.  Whatever hurts (on the rider) is whatever works worst on the rider's body.  For Patty, it's her knees.  For me, it's my hips.  My bum is fine, thank you.

8. Two riding strengths and one riding weaknesses
I am extremely persistent, which I think is a strength.  And I really, really want to improve, another strength.  My body distinctly lopsided right now because my left hip is falling apart, but I'm doing my best to keep riding and work on stuff that I can improve.

9. Least favorite thing about horses and/or riding
Being broke isn't nearly as much fun as I make it look.

10. What do you feed your horse?
In order by frequency of feed:  Hay. Beetpulp.  Carrots.  Apples.  Goats.  Trespassers.


  1. For number 6: I used this pic for a trail club slide show recently, and doing research found unsubstantiated claims that "Jim's ride" down the hill was faked, that the close up trees and shrubs were "planted" at a slant and then the camera was tilted. If you look at the background/horizon it would almost seem so.
    On you mean your hip? Or your pocketbook?
    #10--I'll be sure to call first before I come to visit!


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