In which today's story is short and sweet; so may your day be, also!

Storyteller Batsy Bybell from Moscow Idaho sent me this story many years ago.  It's changed a bit since it moved into my head, and I like to think that she won't mind the changes.


A New Creature
In the beginning days, the world was beautiful, but it wasn’t quite finished yet.

Three te finished yet.
 the world was beautiful, but it wasn'friends observed the beauty of the world, but found their own beauty quite lacking. The frog disliked her bulging yellow eyes.  The housefly was never satisfied with transparent wings, now-green, now-blue.  And the butterflied despaired of a stick-skinny body and thin hairy legs. 

Together, the friends approached Creator to ask for help.

Creator considered the request carefully. 

And then, slowly, carefully, Creator made something new.

A brand-new creature. 

The new creature had bulging yellow eyes, and transparent wings, now-green, now-blue.  And the new creature had thin, hairy legs and a stick-skinny body. 

When they saw the new creature, the friends understood:  they were not ugly.

For though this new creature was made from the parts they considered ugly, the new creature was not ugly.

Indeed, the dragonfly was the most beautiful of them all.


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