In which I finish the five-day-challenge, finally (it's about time!)

21. Favorite classes rides to watch

If I'm not out on the trail, it's always good to hang out at the finish line with a stethoscope in hand, ready to pulse folks in as they return to camp.  Pulsing the 100-mile horses is always incredibly inspiring...someday, Fiddle will be one of them!

22. What’s in your cooler at horse shows endurance rides?

Since many meals in ridecamp are potluck

Sausage, fried potatoes, gravy...just the beginning of a ridecamp morning feast!

it seems like I can throw just about anything in the cooler, and combine forces with two or three other people and their coolers, and end up with some pretty spectacular food.

Food I won't leave home without:
V-8 juice
goldfish crackers
a 25-pound bag of carrots

It occurs to me that my go-to foods are mostly yellow.  What's up with that?  I guess other people must bring red and green and stuff.

23. One thing about competitions you wish you could change?

Early morning start times.


Fiddle is not a morning horse, and I am not a morning rider.  Between us, we manage to stumble around in mostly-the-right-direction until the sun comes all the way up.


24. Your ringside crew

Usual Suspects, L-to-R: Gail, Duana, Little Meaghan, Patty, Sirie, Me
Not pictured: Jim, Dory, Dean, Tim, Katie, Monica

25. Best prizes

I like T-shirts (like the Renegade shirt most of us are wearing in the photo (above).  And useful stuff, like buckets and water bottles.

bucket o' apples from the Jubilee Ride

Mostly, I like the feeling of finishing a long ride with a great horse.
Isn't this a great prize by itself?

Coming soon:  STORIES for the season!


  1. I think you guys get better food at your endurance rides than we do...

  2. S.O.S. is my favorite camping breakfast. I just made it for J finally on our Oct visit home. I admit, I make it fancier than they do in the army, with ..*gasp* garlic. Here in Germany, I have to make SOS with hamburger cuz there's no sausage here. I miss American sausage so much! Your Bratkartoffeln look great too. Hungry now.

  3. I loved your version of the 5 Day Challenge! I usually don't participate in these things because they're mostly geared for the hunter/jumpers out there and not the endurance turned dressage riders. :0) I did do this one though because Tracy's questions were just generic enough to apply to even my situation (yours, too, obviously!).

    Your "Favorite" photo is just beautiful, and you're right; it does capture a lovely relationship. Best of luck this ride season. :0)


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