In which I finally got to ride, but first here's a really cool horse

lytha over at the horse crazy american blog has been investigating 
conformation issues in Arabian horses (and how flaws are disguised).

It's a fascinating topic...and led me down a complicated rabbit hole, trying to locate similar breed standard sketches and photos for Standardbreds.

*sound effect*:  crickets

Turns out, Standardbred breeders don't give an overweight rodent butt cheek about cute little dishy faces.

Butt high, big head.  Definitely not an Arabian show horse.

Standardbred breeders are striving for a horse who goes faster than the other horses, preferably for a long time.

They all want a horse like Foiled Again.

Calm attitude, lots of work ethic.  We value these.

In 2013, 10-year-old Foiled Again was Standardbred racing's richest pacer.  He'd won more than 6 million dollars.

But wait, there's more.

Who cares what his head looks like?  Look at his stride!

Foiled Again is now 14 years old.  And he is still winning.  He's now earned more than 7.5 million dollars.

Foiled Again has just one more year before he hits the mandatory retirement age for standie racing.  

And he needs just one more win to hit 100.  

The other horses and drivers are not going to hand him that victory.  He's gotta go out there and earn it, just like everybody else.  Doesn't matter if his owner is rich or poor, famous or obscure.  If he doesn't get there before everybody else, he doesn't win.

That's what we're looking for, y'all.  A horse that goes fast...and keeps on going, mile after mile, year after year.

My horse doesn't have a cute little face.  I'm good with that.

Dragons don't need to be cute (fortunately)

UPDATE 07.08.2018   He did it!  The article reporting Foiled Again's 100th win is HERE.


  1. They don't care the rodent-butt thing enough to even put the halter on properly.

    He's regal looking - and no white at all.

    A working horse is a thing of beauty. Just like a herding dog with a job to do: )

    Does Fiddle pace when you want her to?

    1. She only gaits when she's mad at me, and she only paces if we have to go REALLY "escape the zombie horde" fast.

      Otherwise, her trot is plenty fast enough!

  2. Yes, I will take the standie hardiness and sanity over a pretty dished face any day!!!

  3. Great story - thanks for sharing. Some race horses definitely love their jobs :D

  4. How awesome is that. i just put a google alert on for him!


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