In which we hit the target and spend three hours trotting in sunshine

Three hours or fifteen miles, whichever happens first.
That was our riding target today.

dressed for success--and still not shedding much

FINALLY:  Swamp Tulips, aka skunk cabbage.  One of our earliest Spring Harbingers.

After her splendid vet check on Thursday with Doctor Dear,  it was time to rev the ol' standardbred engines a bit more.

and the weather...cooperated!

Today we had temps up to 64*F at home on the north side of the house (that's where the weather station is mounted) and it was nearly that warm on the trails.

Clearcuts are ugly, but they do give a broad view of blue skies when we have them

 I started the day in two shirts, a warm vest, and polarfleece tights, and had stripped down to the bottom layers by the time I mounted up at the trailhead.

trotting, trotting, trotting

Season transitions are tricky around here--the sky might be blue and clear, but a north wind can bring temps down fast.  Or the sky can be heavy and overcast, but as long as the rain doesn't fall, it's a pleasant day.

We sorta forget what to do with blue sky and warm temps

Fiddle would have preferred another horse to go along with us, and she gazed wistfully at other horses when we met them on the trail.

 But nobody we saw on the trails today was travelling at Dragon Speed.

So we were solo all day.

It. Was. Glorious!

final count:  16 miles in 3 hours.  I forgot to turn off the GPS when I got back to the trailhead, so the last
30 minutes on the counter is just me giving the Dragon a bath.  Here's the link to the GPS track.

I'm gonna call that a successful day.

And that's a Good Thing.


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