In which the weather has slowed us down, but we are moving forward now

I took Fiddle out for a 10-mile trot in the pouring rain this morning
to see if she would show any lameness.

Not lame

As normal prep for ride season each Spring, I haul her over to Pilchuck Vet to have a chiropractic evaluation (and adjustment) and to get her vaccinations up-to-date.

Ever since her stifle injury in 2016 I've been ultra-paranoid.

Okay:  even more ultra-paranoid than before, which was pretty ulta-paranoid.

And so it's become routine for Fiddle and I, before each chiro checkup with Dr. Fehr (aka "Doctor Dear" because spellcheck just cannot handle our vet's surname) to go out and apply a little stress to the system.

About 10 miles, about 2 hours.  Jogging in the mud, yay?

Today, the weather was not very cooperative.

Rain is, of course, always preferable to sn*w.  And I have excellent rain gear.


So. Much. Rain.

She would be wet anyhow, since she grazes in the rain, but I am not usually so drippy

Once we were wet and tired, we loaded back into the rig and I hauled Fee over to the clinic for an exam.

Fiddle loves her "Doctor Dear"

Doctor Dear says:

"No baseline lameness"


Fiddle needed small adjustments stem-to-stern, but nothing was alarmingly "out."

In other words:  the Dragon looked good even before the adjustment.

Callooh Callay!

Onward and forward we go!


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