In which there's a ketchup post and we are on high ground here at the Farm

 Usually I write like crazy during November, but this year I am just not in the groove.

I've also felt for a while that I tend to write the same things, over and over:  it's raining, it's dark, I rode my horse, I caught some chanterelles, I went to Fish Creek, here are pictures of wet chickens.

But recently somebody pointed out that nobody ever said, "Agatha Christie just wrote another book about murder, ho hum."  I guess that's a thing to consider....

So, here's an update on life at the farm:

We re-financed the house (which is stressful and also boring) this summer, with the main goal of getting enough cash out to re-roof.  Mission accomplished.  We are good on this roof for another 20 years. 

Up on the rooftop

The dogs didn't enjoy having the boom truck in the yard or roofing guys
on top of the house...but they did wag tails
when they actually met the crew boss.  #notgoodguarddogs

My aunt moved up to Bellingham from California recently, and my truck and trailer got a workout doing dump runs.

Aunt Judy now lives in the same building as my mom.  They like hanging out together.

Small new apartment + too many chairs = something's gotta go, 
so two big comfy recliners came to live here!  Fox loves the new chairs.

My brother just started a new job down in Oregon (yay, new job!) but he was able to make a fast-blitz trip up to visit my dad in the care home.  He brought the drone he uses for search & rescue in the Oregon wilderness, and flew it around so Dad could see the nearby world.

Randy took this photo of all of us with the drone.  Fox is the only one who wasn't fascinated.

We had beautiful weather  in the week before the "atmospheric rivers" sloshed in overhead, so Patty and I headed up to Chanterelle Hill together.

Trompling around in the woods is always a good idea

Chanterelle Hill did not disappoint.  

We each gathered two bags, a total of 14 pounds of chanterelles.

If I could get to Chanterelle Hill today without drowning, I could probably bring home even more mushrooms...but the weather is just too dreadful.

Yesterday I went over to Fish Creek, as I often do in terrible weather.  I am so lucky, not only because I can haul out to a covered arena and ride, but also because the people there make me (and the Dragon) so happy.

I took this video last month, but it's pretty typical.

After all the adult horses are done working, Patty usually pulls out one of the youngsters for a little bit of fun.  

Patty and Baby Steady, May 2018

Steady has grown a bit, and is learning some skills.  At age 3 1/2, it's time to prep him to be ridden, briefly, lightly.   

Steady is a bit of a dork (typical inquisitive young gelding), and explores the world with his mouth.  Auntie Dragon has made it clear that That Is Inappropriate around her.  It's possible he even believes her.

This morning I typed "Sno--" into Google, and it suggested "Snohomish County Flood Gauge."  So, yeah, that's a thing.

Haiku Farm is on high ground, but the roads to- and from- are prone to flooding at times.

My plan for today is to run out to the feed store before the access roads flood, and then come home and hunker with a stack of library books.  We haven't lost power...yet...but if we do, the woodstove will do a good job cooking soup made from beef that Ryan  grew, combined with beans from Monica's garden.  

Foxie Loxie Fire Dog

It may be miserable, but still, it's pretty good.


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