In which Spring springs and brings all my friends lots of new sweet cute little things

I think everyone in the world has cute new baby animals.

And I'm all like:

butternut squash seedling

I got a squash.

Totally not exaggerating, either. 

Becky's foal was finally born on day 360 of the pregnancy (330 to 335 days is average, but horses can safely foal far outside that average range).

Becky's foal "Reverie"

In usual Becky-fashion, the world was subjected to at least a week of silliness while names for the foal were tossed around.

Reverie:  a bright chestnut filly with lots of chrome and a blue eye on the far side.

There are lots more adorable photos of Reverie on Becky's blog.

At the north end of my normal travel range, Stephanie got a new rescue-puppy. 

Jasper is an Airdale-X, whom Steph refers to as
"a 60-lb panic attack waiting for an excuse."  

Jasper arrived via a hoarding situation, and apparently he has some baggage.  I wish I could tell him what a great home he's found now.  He's all set to have a terrific life.

Then there's Monica's chickens. 

These two are probably hen chicks, and therefore will probably get to stay.  Their two siblings (not pictured) are
probably roosters, and thus probably NOT going to stay.

As I mentioned in a prior post, Monica tries not to count chickens, no matter when they hatched.

But the baby stealing the show this week is so new he doesn't even have a name yet.

Patty does a lot of weight training so she can pick up her large-dog vet patients.
This youngster apparently weighs a bit less than a Rottweiler.

We all had to traipse over to admire.

Two days old, and already he has a short list to share with Santa

Seeing this little fellow wobble around the shavings made me really, really miss my old smashed-up camera

He is so new that he has to think about everything: 
"organize feet, organize face, find Mama, find lunch, and don't fall over!"

The gifted camera tries really hard, but iffy light and moving targets are really a challenge for it.

I got a few lucky-good shots.

Although this is 15(ish) year old Ariana's first foal, she is an excellent Mama.

If you don't count squash seedlings and plum blossoms, I have no younglings this Spring.

But I do have

20 minutes riding (bareback, at a walk in the pasture) per evening.
Next week we get to TROT a little!

Nothing new or cute or sweet.

But nobody else I know has a Dragon.  So, there's that.


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