In which Endurance 101 takes a break: meanwhile, back at the Farm

Usually, Ryan brings hay over from the Dry Side to Haiku Farm. 

Ryan's in college and needs tuition money, plus all of his coolest friends are on the Wet Side, so he's usually eager for any reason to get paid to visit us....

Unfortunately, he got sidelined recently,

Ryan at Harborview Hospital in Seattle
not by a horse-related accident (which is what most of us expect when we hear he's in hospital) but by a sinus infection that "went bad"  (I'm thinking Marlon Brando, here, or that bad guy in True Grit, maybe). 

The hospital in Yakima got scared and sent him over to the Wet Side in an ambulance WITHOUT A SINGLE BALE OF HAY.

I know, I know.  Outrageous.   The good news is that Ryan is completely hilarious when he's on painkillers.  Heh heh heh.

Anyhow, Ryan's back on the mend again, but meantime I had a day off from work that was forecast for good weather on both sides of the mountains. 

That's like, highly statistically improbable in my state in December, and not to be ignored.  I didn't ignore it:  I hitched up the rig, and headed over to the Dry Side to get some hay!

Two tons of Ellensburg's Finest leafy green
It's not as cheap or convenient as when Ryan delivers the stuff to my barn.  And I had to stack it all myself (twice, although Paul The Hay Guy helped load it and my kids helped unload the last half of it when they got home from school).

But, a roadtrip? with Luna? in December?  in SUNSHINE?
Luna at Indian John rest area, Mt Stuart in the distance


Coming soon:  more Endurance 101.


  1. I got hay from the dry side of WA this year too...120lb bales of beautiful orchard grass, same price as crappy local hay. Delivered and stacked by beefy farm boys, to boot.

  2. I heard on the news (I think it was KATU) one of the guys said "The worst of our winter is over." WHAAAAAAT? When did this happen?

    WV: "Mordi": A morbid feeling you can't help but laugh at. You can't stop yourself.

  3. Its such a good feeling to have a nice load of hay in the barn :)

    Tell Ryan to get well soon! Isn't he Whiskey's guy?

  4. Who knew that having Ryan in the hospital and going on a road trip to load hay and unload hay and then unload hay and then stack hay.....could be so much fun :)

    I love how you see the positive in everything.


  5. Hope Ryan heals fast. I have that activity booklet :-P

  6. I'm still reeling that the ambulance didn't toss in a bale of hay. Totally ridiculous. I'm sure Ryan tried.

    Feel better Ryan!

    As for the road trip, ah...horses. There's something about hitching up and hauling off that makes it way more fun. Fast food helps too.


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