In which *Endurance 101* is available in print at last!!!!!!!!

Fiddle can hardly believe it.

"The book is ready in time to ship for the holidays!"
After more than a year of work, paper copies of Endurance 101 are now available from the publisher!  

The first print run is very small, so supplies are limited.  We will be printing more, but if you are eager to have the book in your hands (or under the tree) by December 25th, you can order it now (or before December 19th) and we will get it to you via priority mail.

If you want a realio, trulio, paper-and-ink copy of the book, you can order it HERE.

If you want to buy the e-book for a Kindle, Nook, or a tablet or computer e-reader, the link is HERE.

"C'mon, Santa--sunset is at 4:18 today.
You can read your book tonight after dark!"
Santa already has his copy.  Aren't you ready for yours?

Operators are NOT standing by, we are out riding.  But little computer gizmos are standing by to take your order, and we'll process it as soon as it gets too cold and dark to ride for the evening.

Order now!
E-BOOK here

Laughing all the way--hay!


  1. First thing I'm buying after the holidays!

  2. I didn't put in an order in this first run because I don't think it will arrive in Australia before Christmas anyway (there was no international shipping option in checkout). Will definitely be getting one in January!!! :)

  3. Good plan, OneHind. We'll be able to ship to Oz as soon as reindeer stop clogging up the airways!


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