In which we return to normal life again: mostly horse stuff (plus food)

Thus far, the abominable sn*w forecast has avoided us.  
So, even though the weather is cold and wet, we've been riding in it.

Barely enough diffused light to see the road.
This photo was taken around noon, by the way.

Just before the holidays set upon us, we even dressed up in the Traditional XMoose Attire.

Happy Xmoose to you!

By the end of the ride, however, the Festive Antlers were permanently disintegrated by rain.

Ah, well.

A nice day on the trail with Dean and Duana (and the Dragon, too!)

After riding, food is always in order.

The Usual Suspects are big believers in the restorative power of lunch.

We have a few favorite spots--local establishments with staff that likes to see us even when we tramp in wearing our muddy boots and wet breeches.

Winter is also a good time to take lessons indoors.

Jim taking a lesson on "G-Man."  

Although the curriculum is officially "dressage", Fiddle's unofficial focus during lessons right now is "play nicely with others."

Fiddle greets Whiskey politely

We're still working on it.  She is learning to tolerate other horses in the arena when she's working, and she's also learning to share space with them--politely.  She actually sort of likes Katie's new mare Whiskey.  She completely ignores the 2-year-old stud colt who gets worked during her lesson time.  She looks the other way when the Curly gelding is in the arena.  For some reason, she still hates the nice little Arab gelding Parker.  It's not perfect, but it's a vast improvement.

Nice ponies like Hana got special presents from Santa this year:

"Wake me up when my Outfit is ready, please."

Maybe it was the nice rider who got the present.  It seems to me that Duana has been better behaved than Hana this year.  Anyhow, look at the new gear:

You could even say it glows...

This new tack doesn't just glow in the glows in the DAY!

Out for a midwinter mosey: Standies and Tekes and Arabs--oh my!

Get all dressed up, and then go for a ride!   And after riding:


We had so much fun at our Thanksgiving Leftovers party in November that we decided to have parties more frequently.  The weekend between Xmas and New Year is the perfect time to get together and celebrate.

two cups?

And what's a little celebration without
Ahhh, here we go:  two bottles!

a little homemade cherry wine?

2012 Round and Red sweet cherry wine

After the riding and the eating and the drinking, what's a person to do?  Allow me to make a humble suggestion:  hunker down with a great book.

Katie and Duana have a great book to read--do you have yours?

The book is here!  If you haven't ordered your copy yet, no need to wait any longer.  Follow the link HERE, and get Endurance 101 for your very own library.

Happy New Year, everyone.  Let's make this a good 'un.


  1. Hope you had a Happy XMoose, and wishing you a Happy XNew Year! see you in Reno in march, or on the trail somewhere!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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