In which we alleviate worry by planning and preparing stuff

NOTE:  Much of this post was lifted from a similar blog post I wrote for the King County Library blog as a resource for library patrons who need the information.  I've changed a few things before posting on this site, mostly because readers here already know who the players are.  
The basic information and links remain relevant to Haiku Farm blog readers near and far, especially given the "UPDATE" at the bottom.   --Aarene

I admit it:  I'm a worrier.

Smokey skies over Haiku Farm, September 2017
In summer, I worry about forest fires. In winter, I fret about freezing temperatures, power outages, and treacherous roads. In spring, I brace myself for flooding.  In fall (for lack of anything better to do) I am uneasy about earthquakes, tsunamis, and the zombie apocalypse. Because I'm a farmer in addition to my day job, my primary concern in an emergency is the care of, and possible evacuation of animals--both pets and livestock. We have an evacuation plan at Haiku Farm, and we …

In which we go to Canada for another dose of Sensible

It costs a small bucket of money to get health papers to transport a horse into Canada, even if you're only going for a single day.

For reasons already explored on this blog, I don't have a bucket of money this year.  But the calendar contains a gaming day to benefit Greener Pastures!  I couldn't stay home!
So, I didn't.
I tagged the coordinator of GP with my plea:  "Can I borrow some adoptable sensible horse for the games?"
No surprise here:  the agency that specializes in Standardbreds has several sensible options available, and they offered me Promising Girl.

Sirie came with me for the day, to groom and generally be an extra set of hands--and to take photos.   Pictures in this post were mostly taken by her or me (with my little camera) unless otherwise noted.

What a treat to spend a beautiful day with her, and with a bunch of nice horses too!

Of course, I admired the Standardbreds first.

Since this event is a fund raiser, supporters brought their other hor…

In which there is a Plan, and there is a Mutiny, and we had Fun

You know what we at Haiku Farm say about plans: "...plans make excellent traction when you crumple them up and go off in a different direction."

So it was with the Crazy Daze ride in Spokane this past weekend.

Jim and Patty and I drove over the mountains to meet up with friends Paul

and Jenni

to help out with the ride and add a few miles to our AERC stats.

That was my Plan.

Then I saw the trail.  I rode out to fix some trail intersections and put up extra ribbons on the 10-mile loop, and came to a screeching halt when we got to the spot I've dubbed the "Mutiny Trail"

Some background:
Brand new ride manager Shelly took the reins of Crazy Daze from Gail, who was feeling overwhelmed by putting on a third ride this season.

Gail was still around, of course, zooming hither and thither on the quad (which broke down, and needed retrieval by Jim in the truck), answering questions, fixing trail, and doing all the stuff a ride manager does.

But Shelly chose the trail.  And…