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In which I dump all of the X-State Photos into one big fat post

I've done the trip twice before, so there really isn't a lot  of new information to share--only a lot of cool photos.   Here are some of them. Day One: at home in Easton.  She understands what is coming. I was deputized upon entry to camp.  We had 85+ new riders and horses this year, and management felt the need to readily identify those of us who weren't complete greenhorns. On the trail from Easton to Cle Elum.  The weather was good, the footing was fine.  She wanted to Go Fast.    "You are old!"   I told her.  "Younger than you!" she answered. (We did, in fact, Go Fast.) Camp meeting in Cle Elum.   Establishing our camp in Thorp, one of the biggest spaces we have On the trail from Cle Elum to Thorp.  So many flowers blooming this year! On the trail from Renslow to Beverly.  She still wanted to Go Fast.  Usually, we have to slow down in the "cuts" where jagged rocks have fallen onto the trail.  But this year, Parks had graded the trail and m

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