In which "Hoth" is not just a snowy place in Germany anymore

lytha in Germany has been suffering from Too. Much. Sn*w.

I, of course, consider any of that white stuff to be too much.  That's why I live in a Swamp:  it almost never happens here.

But sometimes, it does.

Fortunately for everyone, the calendar today was empty of obligations.  I did miss out on having Sunday soup dinner with my parents, but that's something I will easily re-schedule.

It was the perfect type of sn*w for a sn*wman...err, sn*whuman.

But mostly, it's all about working to get rid of the white stuff.

Jim listed his "furrikens" on Facebook this afternoon:

Furr I ken clear the driveway, I need to start the tractor.  Furr I ken start the tractor, I need to charge the battery and warm the oil pan.  Furr I ken charge the battery I need to find the battery charger.  Furr I ken warm the oil pan I need to find the block heater.  Furr I ken plug those in, I need two extension cords....

Sure, it's pretty.

But Fiddle is not a fan.  She refused to pose or romp …

In which we celebrate the life of Luna, our most beautiful dog

Luna Fishandnoodles, 2004 - 2018

In which we return to regularly-scheduled ears at the bottom

The weather has been frightful, but we finally got a break!

We've all been a little borderline cabin-feverish, so when there was finally a dry day in the forecast, the call went out on Facebook:

We are all fat and fluffy right now, so a walking-ride was needed.

Not fast, not far, and not very warm:

That was Friday.  This was today:

Today was a solo ride, just me and Fiddle...and the SUN!

A brisker pace today, literally:  Fee decided that the sunshine felt so good that she actually paced a few strides up a hill before swapping over to a gallop.

(It was a short hill.  We are still fuzzy and fat, after all.)

We met some other folks on the trail today: bicycles, dogs, and other horses.  Everyone agreed that the sunshine was glorious.