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In which we "celebrate" the worst holiday, and I'm missing something

  Yeah, I know, I haven't written here in yonks. The world has continued being the world, I'm still loving the "new" job (it's been more than a year now!), and the farm is full of things that need doin' yesterday.   And today is the 4th of July!  Yuck. My least favorite holiday. But, since it's a day off, I can hang out with the next generation of Usual Suspects, which is NOT yuck! Familiar faces (Sirie, Megan, Sandy) join me in welcoming youngsters Gwenneth, Lore and Feylin, plus Josh's shoulder b/c he took the photo kinda wonky It's a sunny day!   However, July 4th around here is a day when yabbos are drinkin' beer and playin' with fire, and the ground is so-so-so-so-SO dry.  I would love to just grab the Dragon and escape to the woods...but no. I did make time to go to the annual pancake breakfast with Jim  Pancake breakfasts never have a decent cup of tea, so we went into town to get a cuppa after we tanked up on pancakes. before headin

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