In which Santa Jim celebrates a "round number" birthday and...PARTY!

Santa Jim wasn't sure he wanted to celebrate this birthday.

Then, we started talking about a party.

And hey:  we do like to party.

It's been raining all week, but we know better:  when we have a party, the sun comes out and gets HOT.  So we filled up the SS Grog with cold-cold-cold well water for people to dip feet into.

The invitation said that well-behaved dogs were welcome, and people brought lots of lovely dogs--including Kim and John's two shelties.  I counted two dogs named Jasmine (a sheltie and a Min-Pin), two dogs named Lucy (a black dog and a yellow dog), plus our own floofs.

Tours of the garden were in high demand.

We enjoyed food and friends all afternoon.

And of course, the Dragon was happy to show off her tricks for all the visitors.

Thanks for joining us, everyone!

In which I'm tired after time in camp, so here's a nice photo dump


In which the most wonderful time of the year is here: we're off to camp!


In which we are ALMOST ready for Renegade, and I reminisce

Jim has been diligently sanding, sawing, and pounding away  on the horse trailer to make it beautiful again....

...and I have been thinking about Renegade Rendezvous.
For many years, the Haiku Farm calendar has centered on Renegade:  work weekends in May, and a long week (or more) in camp, often without cell reception (or showers), to make, mend, and mark trails before the endurance ride.
We're almost ready to leave for camp again.  A short journey, this time, as the ride is under new management and they have their own chainsaw crew.  But we will be useful, as usual, and we will soak up the beauty of the trails while we're there.
But today, I'm stuck at work.  The library is really busy during the summer (yay!) but during the dinner hour, there's nobody here but staff...which gave me lots of time to go mooning through old pictures of Renegade.  
Here are some of my favorites from years gone by.