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In which we are still on the trail: Ewan and Malden (which burnt last year)

  Up early again!  Time to go to Ewan. 47°08'30.8"N 117°43'54.5"W  Revere to Ewan directions:  Head northeast on Davis Rd (Wagner Rd) toward John Wayne Pioneer Trail/Milwaukee Rd (railroad grade) 0.6 mi Stay left at the Y to continue on Davis Rd. Go right at the Y to Bowen Rd. Go left on Wagner Rd. Turn right onto WA-23 South 4.0 mi Turn left Rock Lake Rd, go past lake and boat ramp, up the hill. Destination will be on the right. Fee and I both felt fitter by this point in the trail, and new shoes definitely improved our comfort level.  So trotting was on our menu for the remainder of the trip, hooray! We are both so much more comfortable at a trot! We didn't trot every step, of course.  With beautiful scenery all around, it's good to slow down and look.  Plus, of course, we wanted to watch for "hazards" (and date nails). Revere to Ewan is 14 miles of trail--by now, all the riders considered this a "short day."  But it was st

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